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POSTAL: Brain Damaged Release Date, Trailer


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POSTAL is a series that has always courted controversy, mostly by design. With another major entry in the series on the way, there’s also time for a quick spin-off to keep people going while they wait for it, POSTAL: Brain Damaged. It’s basically the regular game, but a boomer-shooter instead.

Whether you thought that the original series’ predisposal towards edginess was cringy or funny, you have to admit that this game at least looks fun to play. Well, it’s not all that long now before the game drops, so we’ve got some key features and info about the game to get you ready.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged Release Date

The fourth main entry in the series was released to early access back in 2019, and since then has slowly but surely been updating into a full game. Since the PR disaster that was the third game, fans of the series have been waiting for the game to make a disgusting comeback.

Postal brain damaged screenshot

POSTAL: Brain Damaged looks set to be the first game to give the new take on the series a chance. It’ll be released to PC during May 2020 and will also see a Linux release around the same sort of timeframe.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged Trailer

In classic boomer-shooter style, Brain Damaged has you running around at an insane pace, taking out enemies with a huge variety of weapons. Also, unlike a lot of modern boomer-shooters, this game actually looks like it belongs in the late 90s and early 2000s, rather than just playing like it.

The story follows the postal dude as he is committed to an insane asylum. Forced to take drugs by the staff, he completely loses his mind and goes on a bloody rampage slaughtering as many people as he can, because he’s nothing if not predictable. It’s quite an interesting change of pace compared to most 3D entries in the series. Instead of trying to hold your murderous impulses through daily tedium, you’re told to just go nuts. Literally.

Check out the gameplay trailer below and you’ll get a pretty decent idea of what to expect when the game rolls around this May.


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