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Lost Ark Chaos Line Dungeons Guide


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Lost Ark introduced players to the Chaos Line Dungeon back in the April update, since then, we have seen the addition of a hard difficulty and a good deal of new rewards. This guide will cover how to unlock Chaos Line Dungeons, get more Tokens of Protection to enter Chaos Line Dungeons, how to complete them, and finally the rewards you can expect when you do complete them!

You can enter Chaos Line Dungeons alone or with up to three other players, and the difficulty will scale based on the number of players you have. Each entry costs 1 Token of Protection. You can easily group up for these dungeons using the “find party” and “matchmaking” features. To enter on normal difficulty, everyone in your party will need to be item level 1370. To enter on hard difficulty, everyone in your party will need to be item level 1415. Chaos Line Dungeons are not incredibly difficult and can be completed solo by most classes. The major difference between normal and hard difficulty for these dungeons is the enemies’ movement speed. Faster enemies on hard difficulty mean it is not as simple to run through and collect objectives rapidly; however, it is still possible.

How to unlock Chaos Line Dungeons

Firstly, you will need to have completed all of the blue world quests in South Vern. On concluding the last quest, you should find yourself in Vern Castle, where Magick Scholar Jeneca has a purple quest for you called “Become a Member of the Knights”. She can be found close to the Chaos Dungeon entrance portal. Follow this quest to its conclusion in Bellion Ruins, South Vern, and you will receive 2 Tokens of Protection and now be able to access Chaos Line Dungeons.

How to get more Tokens of Protection

Tokens of Protection are needed to enter Chaos Line Dungeons regardless of the difficulty you attempt them at. As a result, you are going to need more Tokens. Outside of the entrance to the dungeon in Bellion Ruins, you will find Professor Farhat. Speak to the Professor, and you can begin the weekly repeatable quest “I Must Protect”. This quest requires you to collect Soundstones from demons around the Chaos Line. The demons are not far from the dungeon entrance and will be marked on the map, so you should have no problem finding them. Once you have collected the Soundstones, return to the Professor, and he will reward you with 2 Tokens of Protection. Bear in mind that you can only complete this quest on one character on your roster per week, so choose carefully.

How to complete Chaos Line Dungeons

  • Collect an altar room key – Once inside the dungeon, you should see a silver key marked on the mini-map. There will be an elite enemy close by that you need to kill to remove the barrier guarding the key. Quickly loot the key once the barrier is down, there will be a key icon above your head to let you know you have it.
  • Unlock an altar room – Next, head to an altar room. This is marked by an altar symbol and padlocks on your mini-map. Approach one of the gates and unlock it with your key.
  • Put out the Altar’s Ember – Head to the altar symbol on the mini-map inside the room. Interact with the Altar to put out the Ember keeping the Altar alight.
  • Grab another key – As you can only carry one key at a time, you will need to repeat the previous steps until you have extinguished three Altar’s Embers.
  • Defeat the final boss – After extinguishing the final Altar, a boss will spawn on the map, and you need to defeat them in order to claim your rewards!

Chaos Line Dungeon rewards

Lost Ark Chaos Line rewards
Here are the rewards you can expect from the Chais Line vendor.

For attempting Chaos Line Dungeons on normal difficulty, players receive Fragmented Bloodmagick Stones, and for attempting hard difficulty they receive Intact Bloodmagick Stones. These drop throughout the dungeons but in great number upon defeating the final boss. Speak once again to Professor Farhat, and under the exchange tab, you will see a list of rewards for both the Intact and Fragmented Bloodmagick Stones. These rewards include Destruction and Guardian Stones, Honour Leapstones, Silver chests and other T3 honing materials like Solar Grace.

That concludes this guide on Lost Ark’s Chaos Line Dungeons. We hope you found it helpful! Why not check out some of our other awesome content and guides over at the Lost Ark Hub?


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