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Costs of the Galaxy S22: Leaked euro prices compared to the predecessor


The latest leak about the Samsung Galaxy S22 comes from Germany. Roland Quandt finally reveals the supposed prices of the new smartphone series in Europe. With that, we also try to predict the US prices. Since these do not say much about the devices anyway, we compare them with the prices of the Galaxy S21 series. Will the Galaxy S22 be more expensive or cheaper? Let’s find out!


  • Leaker reveals Euro prices for the Galaxy S22 for the first time.
  • Roland Quandt is reliable as usual, but the prices should be considered with reservations.
  • Compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the prices have increased slightly.

Even before the launch of the Galaxy S22, Samsung’s firewall is more like Swiss cheese. After numerous leaks about technical specs, the euro prices have now also been leaked. The German leaker Roland Quandt, who also writes articles on NextPit Germany from time to time via our partner WinFuture, named prices for all models. Let’s take a look at them together:

Galaxy S22 price comparison to the predecessor

Model of the S22 series Leaked Prices Expected US Prices Model of the S21 series MSRP from 2021
Galaxy S22 with 128 GB memory €849 (~$961) ~$800 Galaxy S21 with 128 GB memory $799.99*
Galaxy S22 with 256 GB memory €899 (~$1018) ~$850 Galaxy S21 with 256 GB memory $849
Galaxy S22+ with 128 GB memory €1.049 (~$1188) ~$1,000 Galaxy S21+ with 128 GB memory $999
Galaxy S22+ with 256 GB memory €1.099 (~$1244) ~$1,050 Galaxy S21+ with 256 GB storage $1,049
Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128 GB storage | 8 GB RAM €1.249 (~$1414) ~$1,200 Galaxy S21 Ultra with 128 GB storage | 12 GB RAM $1,199
Galaxy S22 Ultra with 256 GB storage | 12 GB RAM €1.349 (~$1528) ~$1,300  Galaxy S21 Ultra with 256 GB storage | 12 GB RAM $1,249
Galaxy S22 Ultra with 512 GB storage | 12 GB RAM €1.449 (~$1641) ~$1,430  Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512 GB storage | 16 GB RAM $1,379.99

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I have listed the introductory prices of the Galaxy S21 series in the table, as well as a US pricing prediction based on previous pricing. As Roland already wrote in his tweet, the hoped-for price reduction apparently does not materialize. On the contrary: the Ultra model with 256 and 512 gigabytes of internal storage will probably be a bit more expensive than before. And that’s despite the fact that the model with 512 gigabytes of internal storage will be equipped with less RAM, according to Quandt.

Anyway, it is interesting that Quandt still talks about an Ultra model – after all, Samsung itself has already provided many hints that it will rename the most expensive Galaxy S22 model. I wonder if the S22 line-up will still be exciting with the new prices?

What you can expect on February 8, 2022

In my opinion, it is! Last year, the Galaxy S21 Ultra turned out to be the gold standard for many features of modern smartphones. And even though the S22 series will not reinvent the wheel based on the latest rumors, there should be some improvements again. Especially the camera updates are going to be exciting for Samsung this year. In addition, there is a new SoC.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Announcment NextPit
Samsung wants to break the rules – and a regularity can be found in the prices. Too bad! / © Samsung

Samsung’s Exynos 2200 has already been presented after a short delay. The announcement confirmed that Samsung is working together with AMD to enable ray tracing in mobile games. Even though the first benchmarks confirm a performance level behind that of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Samsung’s approaches are exciting to say the least. Thus, all eyes and ears should be on Samsung for the release – and rightly so.

Until then, we summarize all leaks and information on our rumor page about the Samsung Galaxy S22.

What do you think of the leaked prices? Do you have any predictions about the Samsung Galaxy S22? Let me know in the comments!

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