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Photographer assaulted while photographing a wedding couple in San Francisco


A wedding photographer recently got assaulted in the middle of doing his job. While photographing a wedding couple in San Francisco, the photographer got assaulted and two men tried to steal his gear.

The incident occurred on Friday, 21 January in the afternoon. Photographer Ken Mendoza was photographing the couple when a car pulled up. “A man jumped out and proceeded to assault our photographer trying to steal his camera,” claims the couple who wishes to stay anonymous.

Mendoza says that he fought to keep not only his gear but also the couple’s memories. “The assailant grabbed my hand and my camera twice but I was able to punch my way out of that twice,” he told NBC Bay Area. The suspects reportedly escaped and a witness called the police, reporting that the driver had a gun. Thankfully, no one was harmed, and the photographer kept his gear and the photos he’d taken.

According to San Francisco Mayor London Creed and Police Chief Bill Scott, there were more than 2,200 robberies reported in San Francisco last year. And unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of photographers being targeted. We have covered several cases of photographers being robbed at a gunpoint in San Francisco (multiple times), and even shot after refusing to give their camera away.

The newlyweds who witnessed the assault on Ken Mendoza said they were considering leaving San Francisco because they didn’t feel safe. But things like this sadly happen everywhere. Here you’ll find some tips to prevent theft, and I hope you all stay safe, alert, and unharmed.

[via Light Stalking, NBC Bay Area]


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