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Nikon Z9 v1.10 firmware update massively boosts continuous shooting buffer performance


Nikon has released a new v1.10 firmware update for the Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera. An already-impressive camera, the new firmware extends the performance of the buffer allowing you to shoot 20fps stills at full resolution for continuously for a whopping 8 seconds (160 images) instead of the previous 3 seconds (60 images). For photojournalists, sports and wildlife shooters, this will be a big bonus.

Not much has changed besides that, save for a couple of bugs, but if you’re one of those lucky early adopters who’s managed to get their hands on their Z9 already, you’ll want to update to take advantage of the improved buffer.

  • Increased the burst length for dual-format (NEF/RAW + JPEG or JPEG + JPEG) pictures taken at 20 fps in continuous high-speed release mode.
    • “C” firmware version 1.00:
      • NEF/RAW (high-efficiency★) + JPEG basic (large): Approx. 3 seconds *
      • JPEG Slot 1 – JPEG Slot 2 (Slot 1: JPEG fine (large); Slot 2: JPEG basic (small)): Approx. 3 seconds *
    • “C” firmware version 1.10:
      • NEF/RAW (high-efficiency★) + JPEG basic (large): Approx. 8 seconds *
      • JPEG Slot 1 – JPEG Slot 2 (Slot 1: JPEG fine (large); Slot 2: JPEG basic (small)): Approx. 8 seconds *

    * The length of the burst that can be taken before the frame advance rate drops. Figures are reference values obtained via in-house measurements performed using a NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S lens and a ProGrade Digital COBALT 1700R 325GB CFexpress memory card. Burst length will drop in some circumstances, including if:

    • Backup is selected for Role played by card in Slot 2 or
    • ON is selected for Auto distortion control.
  • Options highlighted in the Filtered playback criteria list in the PLAYBACK MENU can now also be selected and deselected by pressing the multi selector right.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented optional SB-5000 flash units synchronizing with the shutter when all the following conditions were met:
    • A shutter speed faster than the flash sync speed was selected with 1/200 s (Auto FP) or 1/250 s (Auto FP) chosen for Custom Setting e1 Flash sync speed in the CUSTOM SETTINGS MENU.
    • The SB-5000 was controlled via radio AWL using an optional WR-R10 or WR-R11a wireless remote controller mounted on the camera.
    • The flash unit was not mounted on the camera accessory shoe.

Download the new Nikon Z9 v1.10 firmware on the Nikon website.

Have you got your hands on a Z9 yet?


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