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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations guide


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Are you playing through the new Dying Light 2 game, and found you need some Inhibitors to progress through the game. Well then, we have made a handy Dying Light 2 Inhibitor location guide, helping you find all the inhibitors you need to play the game.

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Locations 

There are quite a few ways and locations you can get inhibitors. For starters, secondary objectives in the open world allow you to get Dying Light 2 inhibitors as rewards. These include some airdrops, GRE Quarantine Zones, and Anomalies. Also, some of these areas will also contain one or more Inhibitor boxes that you can loot.

GRE Anamoly’s contain the Revenant, which you’ll need to beat to get access to them. These side objectives tend to have two as a reward. Then you can get another stash that can contain several inhibitors. The bigger Quarantine zones reward 4 for completing the missions and can have up to three other inhibitors in the building. It is possible to collect 13 inhibitors in one run, which equates to four upgrades. Occasionally, you can find a few randomly around the map, and some are located in dark hollows. Warning, you may need to fight Volatiles. We suggest equipping yourself with this knowledge by visiting our Volatile guide here.

Meanwhile, there are some inhibitors you’re going to need puzzles for. Typically, you can find notes around the safe inhibitors’ areas. For example, the Downtown thugs area has the code written on a collectable note in another room. Furthermore, one of the churches you can get inside also has an inhibitor in a safe at the top of the tower. Keep these puzzles in mind if you want these inhibitors.

If you find you have followed this guide and are still missing some, you’ll be pleased to know there is a catch-up mechanic. When you complete the Broadcast main story quest, you will get access to a GRE detector, which picks up nearby INhibitor boxes within 50 meters. If you then take the radio tower in the area, you can then zoom into the minimap and find the inhibitors on the map yourself.

Lastly, you can get some inhibitors from secondary quests. We have linked to the Walkthrough in case you’re interested in pursuing these.

Below you’ll find a map of all the Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations in the open world. We recommend opening the map in a new tab or maybe downloading it and keeping it on your side if you are a handheld user. Note these are approximate locations that may be off slightly. The reason why is because the author is terrible at photoshop and hasn’t managed to make the icon and map scale. Feel free to call him an idiot!

Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations
Good luck hunting out there. Image via WePC.

Dying Light 2 Story Inhibitors

Here are some of the Dying Light 2 INhibitor locations you will come across through the main story. Note, most of these inhibitors are only claimable in the main story, while others you can come back to later if you miss them. It’s also worth noting most of these are impossible to miss.

  • 2 in the Maya room for the main quest The Only Way Out.
  • Cross the bridge from the broken highway into the motel. – This is documented as you can get it in free roam too.
  • Top of the Horseshoe water tower – you head there as part of the main story quest.
  • Three inhibitors during the key story moment in the going-dark main quest.
  • 2 inhibitors in the Downtown electric station – go there as part of the main quest substation tutorial. Some electrical substations and water towers in the game con contain Inhibitors and other collectibles.
  • 2 inhibitors at the top of the skyscraper that borders the Downtown and New Dawn Sky – head there during the orders main story quest. 
  • 2 Inhibitors in the Cathedral Main story mission.
  • 1 Inhibitor in the Garrison electrical plant. Need a code to get it, but the code is only to the side of it.
  • 3x partway through the broadcast story. There’s another on the top of the skyscraper.
  • 3x in the Lawan apartment in The Shoe storyline.
  • More inhibitors while going on the Nightrunners main quest.


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