AirVūz, a leading platform for aerial videography and photography uploads, recently announced the winner of its annual Drone Video of the Year competition. They gave their community a week to vote for their favorite video from a pool of nominees. The winner was announced by Paul ‘Nurk FPV’ Nurkkala. The winner is Reme Morales for his cinematic, Matrix-style FPV reel collaboration with Preston Chen.

To qualify, all videos had to be filmed in 2021. If some of these artists look familiar, it’s because DPReview has featured ‘Right Up Our Alley’ by Jay Byrd Christensen in the past and Johnny FPV recently. YouTube videos are embedded in this article but we encourage you to check out each user’s profile on AirVūz as well.

Overall Winner: ‘The Juice – Cinematic FPV Reel’ by Reme Morales with Preston Chen

Artist Description: Where do I start? 1 year ago during Quarantine I started flying FPV in which I spent nearly everyday working on the craft while the streets were empty. I needed to take the time I had off from my airline job of 5 years and use It wisely as I knew I wanted to do something special, especially after the feeling of Immersing myself in the goggles having full manual control of a machine that what ever your imagination wants you can do. This short film is the collection of amazing projects this last year of flying and in collaboration with the wizard Preston Chen we immerse you into the world of the FPV Matrix!