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Zoroastra Release Date and What We Know So Far


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Zoroastra is the name of an ancient Iranian prophet, but it’s also the name of a very mysterious open-world survival RPG crossed with a puzzle platformer. There’s not even a trailer yet, but with a name and description like that, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

So far, the most we have about the game is a set of screenshots, some system specs, and a brief description. That hasn’t stopped us from putting everything we do have together in this article. Read on to discover some release details on Zoroastra.

Zoroastra Release Date

As far as we can tell, Zoroastra has been around for a fair few years. Initially, it was slated for a release in the Summer of 2019, but the developer made a post to the game’s Steam page saying they didn’t want to deliver an unfinished product, and that the game might take a few extra years.

zoroastra screenshot

Well, it turns out that they were right. Zoroastra is coming out May 30th, 2022, and looks to be a PC exclusive for now. There’s a chance that could change down the line, but it does seem to be a very PC-centric sort of title.

What We Know So Far About Zoroastra

It’s not easy trying to extrapolate details from a game with no gameplay footage or demo, but so far Zoroastra seems like an interesting hybrid of 3 distinct genres. You have puzzle-platformer elements, presumably similar to games like Portal or N.E.R.O. Then you have the open-world survival RPG parts and the action-adventure parts.

Effectively, it seems like the dev has thrown a bunch of different stuff into a blender to create a gaming cocktail. The interesting factor here is the setting.

The game takes place in the ancient world around the Mediterranian sea. That’s a whole lot of land to cover, but it sure does make for the sort of setting that we just don’t see all that often. At the very least, Zoroastra is going to prove to be an interesting experience when it does come out.


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