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Yugioh Master Duel – Meta Deck Guide – Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade


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The Yugioh Master Duel meta is a diverse one currently. But for those who want to get to the top ranks of competitive play with no experience, it can be difficult. Well don’t worry, these guides will take you through Master Duels best decks, their goals, combos, and what you should be seeing at the end of your turns.

The type of card in a deck will be broken down into a few catagories:

Searcher – This card lets you search your deck for another card

Extender – This card will special summon itself of another card

Starter – A card that will begin your combo

Interupter – A card that allows for interaction on your opponent turn, be this negate, destory or returning a card to the hand.

Finisher – A card intended to finsih up games buy attacking

“Bird Up”

A hybrid of two archetypes, Tri-Brigade and Lyrilusc. Currently shredding through the Master Duel Meta and it’s currently one of its best decks. Able to end of power boards that lock your opponent into summoning wind monsters and a hefty number of negates. This deck is hard, its got a lot of combo lines that depend entirely on your starting hand. But if you think you have the brains and the will to throw sparrows and wagtails at your opponent lets begin.

Tri Brigade

Tri-Brigade is a series of monsters consisting of 3 types, Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged-Beast which will now be referred to as Tri type. When in the Graveyard Tri type monsters can banish themselves and other Tri-type monsters to special summon a link monster as long as it is of those same 3 monster types and the number of cards banished equals the link rating. For example, you banish 3 Tri-type monsters, you can now special summon a Link 3 Tri-type monster from your extra deck.


Lyrilusc is a series of level 1 Winged beast monsters who normally swarm the field to summon rank 1 XYZ monsters. While we will still be XYZ summoning to main focus is the swarming ability of these tiny birds. A lot of the Lyrilusc effects don’t name lyrilusc’s but specifically level 1 winged beasts, this is important for why these arcetypes and so powerful together.

The Synergy

These decks work together so well because of Tri-Brigade Nervall, a level 1 winged beast, can be searched by the Lyrilusc Recital Starling. This makes your Tri-Brigade Combos easy to start since your combo starter in Nervall is accessible every game.

The Deck

Lyralusc cards

Main deck

Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow (Searcher)

Lyrilusc – Sapphire Swallow (Extender)

Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler (Starter & Extender)

Lyrilusc – Celestial Wagtail (Searcher)


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