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YC Onion Energy Tube Pro 2ft and 4ft RGB LED Lights Released


YC Onion Energy Tube Pro 2ft and 4ft RGB LED Lights Released

YC Onion has just released a new Pro version of their Energy Tube RGB LED lights. The Energy Tube Pro are available in either 2ft/60cm and 4ft/120cm lengths. They both feature a removable battery and can be plugged into wall power for unlimited runtime, and like every modern LED fixture, you can control them via an app on your mobile device. So let’s take a closer look at these new LED tube lights!

Chinese manufacturer YC Onion is mainly known for making affordable camera sliders (with funny names) like the CHOCOLATE SE or the CHIPS sliders. However, the company recently started manufacturing other camera accessories like cages, teleprompters, and LED lights like the Energy Tube released in October 2020.

YC Onion took some time to improve the Energy Tube, and they are now back with a Pro version that is longer and has a lot more features.

Image credit: YC Onion

YC Onion Energy Tube Pro – features

The YC ONION Energy Tube Pro are 2ft/60cm (20W) and 4ft/120cm (40W) RGB LED tube lights. The 2ft version weighs 676g/1.5lbs, while the 4ft version ticks the scale at 1.2kg/2.64lbs.

Image credit: YC Onion

Both lights can go from 3200K to 6200K with a 98+ CRI, according to YC Onion. At 3200K/1m, the company claims that the 2ft version can output 385lux, and its bigger brother can output 1213lux.

Image credit: YC Onion

Like every modern LED tube light, the Energy Tube Pro features 15 special effects, including the famous “cops mode,” lightning effect, RGB cycle, and so on.

Image credit: YC Onion

Power and input/outputs

What’s nice about the YC Onion Energy Tube Pro is that the battery is removable. At 100% brightness, you can expect the 2ft version to run for 60-90min. The 4ft version should run for 90-120min at full power, which is very good! Also, you can plug the end of the tube lights into the included power brick and get unlimited run times.

On top of the power input, you’ll find a 3-pin mini-XLR DMX input and output ports.

Image credit: YC Onion

Controls and mounting options

To control the Energy Tube Pro, you’ll find a small OLED screen, a Function dial, a mode button, and a power button at the back of the fixture.

Furthermore, your iOS/Android mobile device can also control the lights via the YC Onion App. If you own multiple Energy Tube Pro fixtures, you can pair numerous lights inside the App so that you can create complex scenes/scenarios with the Master/Slave mode.

Image credit: YC Onion

Last but not least, let’s talk about the YC Onion Energy Tube Pro mounting options. There are two built-in magnets at the back of the LED tube so that you can stick them to compatible surfaces. The lights also come with a removable handle, but that’s pretty much it, at least out of the box.

Image credit: YC Onion

You can get yourself mounting brackets and a light grid as an option. It’s nice that the Energy Tube Pro comes with a bag, but a “Pro” light should – at least to me – come with mounting brackets, especially if it does not have any built-in 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 mounting points.

Price and availability

The YC Onion Energy Tube Pro are available now. The 2ft version retails for $199.00, and the 4ft version is $369.00.

We don’t have prices for mounting brackets or the light grid yet.

For more information, please visit YC Onion’s website here.

What do you think about these new LED tube lights? Do you often use tube lights to light your scenes? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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