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WoW Classic Boost: Best Class to Boost for TBC


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World of Warcraft announced the WoW Burning Crusade Classic Project (TBC), which sees the majority of Classic Vanilla servers progress into Outland. During the official announcement at Blizzconline 2021, Blizzard mentioned that the Burning Crusade Classic is coming with a one-time-only boost, which boosts a WoW Classic character to level 58 in preparation for Outland. While the WoW Classic Boost is controversial, people will buy one, even if they disagree with its inclusion as a paid service. But with its limited availability for one per account, people may wonder what is the best class to apply their boost. Here is a rundown of the best reasons why you can use a boost on each Class.

Please remember that the WoW Classic Boost is not available for either the Draenei or Blood Elves. They may become available later into the life of the WoW Classic Burning Crusade. It might be best to keep your boost open if you fancy boosting a Draenei Shaman or a Blood Elf Paladin.


Druid’s are one of the best classes in the whole of TBC. DPS Druids, like the Cat Form or the Boomkin specs receive buffs in the TBC, bringing them party-wide auras that buff their allies. Boomkins get the Mookin aura, which increases Speel crit by 5%, while Cats have Leader of the Pack, granting 5% crit to ranged and melee attacks.

Bear Form Druids is a solid option for tanking Heroics in the TBC and making a great off tank for trash. But the best part of Druids is the Restoration Specs. TBC differentiates between different heal over time effects from different druids, making it viable to bring a few Resto druids to a raid. Furthermore, Restoration Druid is by far the best healer in Arena, with its synergies with Arms Warrior and SL/SL Locks, the two best DPS specs in 2.4.3 Arena.

Finally, Druids get a free flight from in WoW Classic Burning Crusade, as the Druids gain access to Flight Form. This means that Druids, especially Tauren Druids become some of the best Open World Farmers of Herbs and gain access to farming Gas Clouds from the get-go. 

Players looking to play a solid support spec, farming, multi-rolling or high-end PvPing can look to the Druid as a solid option for their WoW Classic Boost.


Medivh WoW

Medivh is one of the most powerful Mages in the Warcraft universe. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Mage’s are one of the fan favourites in World of Warcraft. While Mages have a nice time levelling, it can be a slug for those wanting to get into WoW Classic Burning Crusade. Furthermore, Mages are a reliable DPS at the end game through their damage and ultility. Parties will love a mage wheter it is in Heroic dungeons, Battlegrounds, and Arena, particularly the RMP (Rogue Mage Priest) composition.

If you don’t want to level from 1-58 and want to play a popular class, then using it on a mage is good for those who value their time. Furthermore, competitive DPS players might consider this as a PVP character boost.


Paladins are arguably one of the most attractive characters for TBC Boosts. Paladins are one of the popular dungeon farming classes in the game. Consecration does not have a mob cap, making them great at farming old-world dungeons for raw gold and Dungeon boosting. Moreso, TBC Prot Paladin is the strongest Heroic Dungeon Tank and Off-tank in the game.

They are great at getting aggro with Consecration, gaining an AOE taunt, Avenging Shield, and mana return from heals. Besides, Paladin Healers are one of the strongest healers in the game, alongside Ret getting a Raiding role. Overall, one of the best choices for boosting in all types of content is arguably the most broken class for gold farming.


Priest’s are not all that attractive for using a WoW Classic Boost. Both Holy Priest and Disc Priest are good healers for different content, and Shadow Priest is a solid support DPS, with strong damage output in the TBC. The only reason why you’d use this is to skip the levelling process and jump straight to Outland if you want to play Priest. It is best to consider the Priest in the same spot as the Hunter and Mage, great if you really want to play it, but you can get more value elsewhere.


Rogues are a good use of the WoW Classic Levelling Boost for several reasons. The first is Rogues have one of the worst levelling experiences in the game, which is a plus side of using the boost. Also, Rogues are some of the best DPS characters in PvP, making them a great DPS to play Arena. While they are not the best DPS in PVE settings, players that love the class may find themselves on the receiving end of the Wargalves if they stick around and dedicate themselves long enough.

On the contrary, the Rogue is a great class to begin farming with straight away. One of the best methods that bots use to generate raw gold is to go through Pickpocket BRD runs. Clever Stealthing means a lvl 58 boost can go in straight away and begin farming raw gold. This point alone is why many players are going to use their boost on the Rogue.


Rehgar WoW Shaman

Rehgar is one of the most powerful elemental Shamans in World of Warcraft. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Shaman is one of the best classes in the entirety of the TBC. The TBC talent reworks pout the Shaman in a great spot. The rule from Classic remains in TBC. With the class providing so many buffs, it makes every group want one. The TBC talents are part of their TBC popularity. Elemental Shamans gain Totem of Wrath, increasing Spell Hit and Crit by 3%, enhancement getting a Defensive ability that generates mana back, and Resto remaining the best AOE healer.  It is a class to consider boosting if you are short of time to level and want to feel useful and get a raid spot regardless of spec.


Warlocks are the strongest DPS character in the entire expansion. Both the Destruction and Affliction Warlocks are powerful, with Destro edging it at the end of the expansion. Furthermore, the SL/SL lock is super strong and nigh unkillable in PVP, especially when Resto Druids heal SL/SL Locks. Overall, if you want gear and want to be OP, Warlock is the go-to class to boost.


One of the only reasons you would boost a Warrior in the WoW Classic Burning Crusade is to skip the levelling process. Warriors by far have the worst levelling experience and are incredibly gear reliant. Those who want to skip the hard part of Warriors can use the WoW Classic Boost on a Warrior.

Coming into TBC from Vanilla will see many Warriors fall of the face of the earth. Warrior DPS is nowhere near the strongest anymore, and Warriors make the best Main Tanks. With the size of raids shrinking, there is naturally more room for Tank Warriors. Perhaps boosting a Warrior is not the best. There might be an overpopulation of Warriors, or the community may expect Warriors to go Main Tank.


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