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Why you should get an ultrawide monitor for Lost Ark

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Lost Ark is one of the hottest MMORPGs in the world, with its dominance in the Korean PC bangs, combined with its explosive western popularity thanks to its recent western launch. Many players are getting the chance to play the game and experience its great PvE and PvP content. One of the things that stand out in both is how the game’s 2.5D camera angle affects the game’s gameplay experience. It has gotten to the point where there is a 21:9 option in the game’s video settings and many want to play Lost Ark in 21:9.

One of the reason why you should consider the 21:9 monitor or 21:9 aspect ratio lock in the game’s settings is extra on-screen rendering. Playing on 21:9 resolution or video setting means you get to see more of the world around you. It actually gives you a distinct advantage for a fair few reasons. It allows you to see the wider space, spotting enemies coming your way. Perhaps you are in PvP, with your 21:9 ratio capturing more of the PvP arena than a regular 16:9 player would. On the other hand, can see more of the floor space in the PvE raid, allowing you to make decisions that can help your progress through content. As you can see, this is a phenomenal buff to your in-game performance. Can’t believe Lost Ark is this pay-to-win (sarcasm btw).

Now the question is do you want to play the game in a 21:9 scaled image that forces your 16:9 screen into a letterbox mode? If not, then perhaps it is worth investing in a 21:9 dedicated monitor? If you need any help on deciding if a 21:9 monitor is worth it, WePC’s dedicated monitor export, Mr Charles Noon, is comparing the game on a native 16:9 and a native 21:9 monitor. This might help to settle your internal debate on whether you should play Lost Ark in 21:9.

See how much extra space is on the left monitor? 21:9 on the left, and 16:9 on the right.

Ultrawide monitor aspect ratios

Unlike more generic monitors that are restricted to a 16:9 aspect ratio, ultrawide monitors can display more information thanks to a wider 21:9 aspect ratio.

Not only does this give you more desktop real-estate, but in certain games (such as Lost Ark) you can get a competitive advantage thanks to a great field of view (FOV).

Ultrawide monitors do surpass the 21:9 aspect ratio, with super ultrawide monitors featuring a 32:9 ratio. These monitors are normally much larger (49 inches) and come equipped with large price tags to boot.

Best ultrawide monitors for Lost Ark

If you’re interested in getting the edge over your competition in Lost Ark, it might be time to consider an ultrawide monitor.

Luckily, we have a tonne of experience when it comes to ultrawide panels, enabling us to recommend only the best ultrawide gaming monitors in 2022.

DELL Alienware AW3821DW Review

Alienware AW3821DW

Refresh Rate

144Hz (DisplayPort) Or 85Hz (HDMI)

The Alienware AW3821DW was a great monitor we tested last year, featuring a silky smooth 144Hz refresh rate alongside an equally impressive 1ms GTG response time. As far as color reproduction is concerned, the AW3821DW delivered stunning colors thanks to a super-wide DCI-P3 color gamut. This was only possible due to the Nano IPS technology at the heart of this panel, helping to deliver some of the best visuals we’ve seen.

Check the full AW3821DW review here.

If you’re looking for something a little more budget-tailored, why not take a look at the Acer Nitro XV340CK. As far as specifications go, the Acer isn’t far short of the AW3821DW. Granted, it might not feature the color quality of the Alienware, but it does feature the same 144Hz refresh rate and low 1ms response time. What more could you ask for?

Check the full Acer Nitro XV340CK review here.

Another fine choice for any gamer wanting to up their gaming setup with an ultrawide monitor is the LG 34GN850-B. This great gaming monitor features a similar 144hz refresh rate, low 1ms response times, and IPS panel as the other two recommendations above. This one is priced closer to the Alienware, offering up additional gaming-tailored features and benefits.

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