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What are Fortnite’s new Klombos and Klomberries?


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Fortnite’s latest Season is bringing a healthy mix of both old and new, with the likes of old POIs returning, and new weather changes being added. The latest new features to be introduced to the Battle Royale are Klombos and Klomberries… sorry, what now?

Klombo is the name given to those adorable, chonky purple dinosaurs that Loopers spotted in some of the very early Chapter 3 video announcements. We’ve been super eager to see them added to the game ever since, with their ever-so-cute, How-To-Train-Your-Dragon-esque faces and rumored rideability. Well, we no longer have to wait, as these giants are roaming the island as we speak. Let’s take a look at where to find Klombo and Klomberry locations in Fortnite and what on earth you do once you’ve found them.

So what are Fortnite’s Klombo dinosaurs?

Klombos are humongous dinosaurs that are currently plodding around the Fortnite map in a cheerful, harmless manner, hoovering up anything they consider edible. But they’re not only totally cute (I definitely want a pet Klombo), they’re also super helpful and totally passive – unless attacked, of course. And I’m not sure I’d want to provoke a being of their size.

These hungry creatures can be found munching on most natural items on the island, but the way they hoover up their meals means they occasionally suck up something less delectable. You know, maybe a weapon or two? With weapons not being part of a Klombos diet, they’ll soon spit them out – for you to collect! Handy!

While Klombos might consume almost anything you’ll chuck their way, they prefer Klomberries most of all! Feed a Klombo its favorite fruit, and it might just spit out even better loot. Klomberries are another new item in Fortnite, and the bright blue berries can be found growing in bushes around the island. Their glowing blue hue makes them pretty easy to spot, and also gives away that they might be edible to us Loopers, too, like pretty much everything else in that recognisable Fortnite cyan. What’s more, Klomberries will also help calm down an aggravated Klombo if you accidentally hurt one. But be careful I don’t spot you attacking one, I might not be as forgiving.

A Klombo’s uses don’t start and end with its diet, either. Their large, flat tails make it easy to climb up onto their back! Take a Klombo for a peaceful ride around the island, or – to get out of trouble quickly – stand on the blowhole on your Klombo’s head for a quick escape plan.

Klombo spawn location

Fortnite Klombo spawn locations?

These endearing monsters can be found pretty much anywhere on the map, and there’s more than one at a time, so you’re likely to come across one if you’re looking hard enough. Some of the best POIs to try to find Klombo Fortnite spawns are Logjam Lumberyard, north of Rocky Reels and Haven’s Oasis. But they’re so big, we’d just say keep an eye out wherever you are, and you’ll likely spot one.

Where can you find Fortnite Klomberries?

Klomberries spawn in a similar fashion to Klombos themselves, and can usually be found near Klombos, as well as near water. Like most loot, they won’t always be found in the same place every match, so again, keep your eyes peeled as you roam the map, particularly in any of the places listed above, and by running alongside rivers.


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