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Lastar Standing Lamp review


Lastar Standing Lamp

Around the time I agreed to review the Lastar Standing Lamp, my wife and I began to overhaul the kids’ play area. We decided to add a table to the room to allow for all the reading, coloring, and crafting that comes with young children.

At first, we used a desk lamp with a flexible neck to light the table but found the lighting inadequate. Since the desk lamp is on the table, part of the table was incredibly bright, while the rest of the table was left in darkness. Not really a great situation for kids wanting to be creative in the Winter months. Enter the Lastar Standing Lamp.


Putting this lamp together is painless and intuitive. It works like many lamps of this style. The lamp comes in sections that you screw together. It took me longer to remove the protective plastic wrap than it took to set up the unit.

This lamp is not a decorative piece and largely blends into the area it is in. There is something nice about the utilitarian nature of the lamp, but a decorative piece this is not.

The head of the lamp is where the long, LED-filled (66 LEDs in total) light source is found. The LED lights have a white protective cover over them to protect your eyes and disperse the light.

The neck of the device is fully flexible and covered in soft rubber material. You can bend and twist the light in any direction you need. You can even point the light at the ceiling and enjoy creating hand puppets with the kids.

Below the neck is where you find your light and power options. These capacitive buttons are where you can adjust the color temperature, turn it on/off, and adjust the brightness level.

A Stable Base

Below the controls, is a pole that attaches to the base of the unit. The base of the unit is wide enough to keep this lamp stable, but not so wide that it makes placing it in tight spaces difficult. I have uneven hardwood floors and although I can make the lamp rock a bit, I have no concerns about it tipping. If you place it on a more even surface it will be as stable as a floor lamp can be. Just don’t expect it to withstand children tackling it.

The Lastar Standing Lamp feels durable and solid. Even if you do accidentally knock it down, you won’t have to worry about it shattering. At under five pounds, even your small children can safely pick this lamp back up.


This lamp has been absolutely perfect for the kids’ table. The power and light buttons stand above the table by a few inches, allowing for easy adjustment and powering on and off. The neck swings about a quarter of the way over the table and with this being a standing lamp, you gain back some of the space that a desk lamp takes up.

Lighting options

There are three different light modes and four brightness levels for each setting. With 12 different lighting options in total, you can always find the right color temperature and brightness level.

The light modes you get are:

  • A soft and warm light that operates in the 3000k-4000K color temperature range. This mode is great to use before bed, as it cuts out the blue light and gives you an orange glow.
  • A regular light mode that has a 5000K color temperature. This has been our default setting and has a nice incandescent bulb feel to it. It doesn’t have so much blue light that the light looks blue.
  • The third light mode is full of blue light to keep you awake and focused. This light mode has a color temperature of 6000K. It would work great for late-night study sessions or if you work from home to combat those early nights in the winter.

The regular light mode on the 2nd or 3rd brightness level has been our default light mode for the standing lamp. It is pleasing to the eye and puts out more than enough light. Between the white cover over the LEDs and the flexible neck, I have no worries about using it and protecting my kids’ eyes. We have the light on a slight angle and tilting away from them, to shield their eyes from looking directly at the light source.

Lastar Standing Lamp

Light Coverage and Use

I am happy to report that this lamp lights up the table significantly better than the desk lamp. The far edge of the table still has some darkness, but the light is far more evenly distributed and not concentrated on one spot.

We don’t use the soft and warm light mode much as it tends to cover the area in an orangey color. I can see the usefulness of this color temperature if you are worried about blue light keeping you awake at night. I personally don’t like when my light source changes the color of the surrounding area.

Final Verdict

The Lastar Standing Lamp has been a pleasure to use. The versatility of this lamp allows for it to be used anywhere in your home. It is not obtrusive and just kind of blends into the area it operates in.

With 12 total light options, you are sure to find one that works for you and your family. Making this a wonderful option for everyone in the house. At the brightest setting, this lamp only uses 12-watts, so it is energy efficient as well.

You can get the Lastar Lamp from their website or from Amazon for $39.99. As the go-to space for our children, we needed a lamp that was stable, pleasing to the eye and did its job well. We found that with the Lastar Standing Lamp.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


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