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The best Mars movies of all time

Mars may be one of the closest planets to our own, but it remains a sizable distance away — 33.9 million miles at a minimum, according to NASA. That hasn’t stopped scientists and astronomers from trying to learn more about the Red Planet, often viewed as the next frontier in human exploration. Just like their fellow humans, directors and actors have also taken stabs at what life could be like on Mars, essentially creating the vision most people have of the fourth planet from the sun. Some movies are grounded in realistic, scientific depictions of life on Mars, while others push the limits in terms of the fantasy of what’s to come on the Red Planet. As more movies come out about Mars on a regular basis, we’re here to make our picks for the best Mars movies about the distant planet. Some of these titles will be available on popular streaming services, and we include links for those that are. Others currently are not, but we still think they’re worth mentioning.

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