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Dying Light 2 Revenant guide: How to kill a Revenant


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Dying Light has a brand new mini-boss called the Revenant. This new boss has come from the new GENmod THV virus that has escaped since the chemical bombings. Now, it is up to us, the players to stop these freaks of nature by fighting them at night. Our reward? We get ourselves several inhibitors, useful for character progression. Need some help beating them, here are the tactics and tips we recommend in this Dying Light 2 Revenant guide.

How to kill a Revenant in Dying Light 2

Revenant rewards
Look at these Dying Light 2 Revenant rewards!

Firstly, you need to know that these creatures only come out at night at GRE Anomaly sites. They are easily visible with their super tall presence, and degenerate orange crystals sticking out of their bodies. To start a fight with them, you need to enter their anomaly zone and engage in combat with them.

When combat begins, it enters an intermission scream phase. It will get really annoyed that you exist, making it vulnerable for that brief window. It will then drop from whatever it is perched on, and land on a pile of body bags. It will then scream, reanimating the dead in the area, spawning in a bunch of biters. That will swarm you if you stay too long on the ground. Our suggestion here is to use some crowd control mechanics, like molotovs, UV Bars, or decoys to bait them. Warning, loud explosions will attract Virals in the vicinity, so be careful with explosives or other loud bangs.

Once the dead are reanimated, every revenant you come across in Dying Light 2 jump into the air and get back on an elevated position and shoot phlegm on you. In situations like this, they are quite like Spitters. Once you engage, they will fight you up close and try to jump to another platform. You can prevent it from jumping by timing your UV lights on the boss. Rinse and repeat until the boss is dead. 

It is also worth mentioning that Dying Light 2 rvenants are never the same. The Old Villedor anomaly sites are significantly weaker than the ones in the Central Loop. If you’re up for the easier time, you can always go back to the old part of the map and fight the level 2 Anomalies. You will find these die much quicker, especially when you have higher level weaponry.

When you finally get round to killing a Revenant in Dying Light 2, you will find they drop powerful loot. Expect to get the unique trophies that you need for higher-level blueprint upgrades. In addition, you will get a very good value that you can cash in for a singing act amount of money at a trader.


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