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Syrp Becomes Syrp Lab, all Products to be Rebranded as Manfrotto Move


Syrp Becomes Syrp Lab, all Products to be Rebranded as Manfrotto Move

This isn’t exactly breaking news (since the original press release dates back to Nov 2021), but now that 2022 is here, Syrp is becoming Syrp Lab and their entire line of motion control gear is being rebranded to the Manfrotto Move ecosystem since both companies are part of the Vitec Group. So what happened?

Syrp was founded in 2012 by a (very) successful Kickstarter campaign that gave birth to the Genie. This versatile but relatively small and, most importantly, easy-to-use and quite affordable time-lapse machine helped a whole generation of filmmakers to create stunning time-lapses on the go without having to lug around expensive and complicated-to-use equipment.

The success of the Genie was followed by many other handy and innovative products that turned Syrp from a garage startup into a real company, including the Genie Mini, Genie II and Syrp Slingshot and others.

Syrp becomes Syrp Lab

At some point, the Vitec Group acquired Syrp, expanding its logistical network and its reach on filmmakers even further. That was in 2019 (read our article about the acquisition here). Fast forward to November 2021, Syrp has another major announcement to make: The company will be renamed from Syrp to Syrp Lab and all of its motion control products will be integrated into the Manfrotto Move ecosystem. The Syrp app will also transition to Manfrotto in order to “create a unified end user experience across all products”.

First and foremost: Existing customers have nothing to fear, their warranty will automatically be transferred to Manfrotto. Furthermore, users will have access to an expanded and localized support team globally making it much easier to get hold of support and accessories when required.

Syrp Lab
image credit: Syrp Lab

Furthermore, even under the new name of Syrp Lab, the exact same team based in Auckland, New Zealand led by the same founders, will continue to be available through support and other channels.

From the press release:

In 2022, we will become Syrp Lab. A center for innovation and content creation, expanding our team and working closely together to create the next generation of tools for creators, plugging in our ideas and R&D expertise into the brands that make up Vitec Imaging Solutions. Our team will not only focus on product development but also educating creators about how to use tools to create the absolute best content in the form of a dedicated YouTube channel and accompanying education website.

What’s next

As it stands, the core Syrp Syrp Lab team will continue to work on new and innovative tools for filmmakers in need of motion control. The main difference is that the much larger Manfrotto brand will take care of logistics and distribution, and in return get to put their brand sticker on the products.

Syrp Lab will focus on developing innovative gear without most of the distractions associated with running a large company. You could think of it as a kind of specialized think tank.

Syrp Lab Team
image credit: Syrp Lab

According to the press release, Syrp Lab is also planning an educational channel to be launched in 2022. Their YouTube channel already says Syrp Lab, but the announced educational content is still a little while off, it seems.

The whole transition is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Link: Syrp Lab | Manfrotto Move
Source: PetaPixel (first seen there)

Do you own any Syrp gear? What do you think about this? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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