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SmallRig HawkLock Mini Series Released – Drop-in Quick Release Ecosystem


SmallRig HawkLock Mini Series Released – Drop-in Quick Release Ecosystem

The SmallRig HawkLock is a new quick release plate with a drop-in design that allows you to quickly move your accessories from one rig to another. The company also developed a series of rigging products built around this mechanism. The quick release module in now available for $24.90.

Time is the most important asset on set and oftentimes being able to quickly switch from one setup to another is key. SmallRig has recently developed a new series of accessories that can help you do exactly that.

This new ecosystem is built around the new SmallRig HawkLock quick release module which features a smart plug-and-play design. Let’s take a closer look.

SmallRig HawkLock: instantly snap your accessories in place

The core of this ecosystem is a new, compact quick release module featuring a quite interesting drop-in design. The quick release plate snaps vertically into its clamp in an instant and it gets securely locked into a V-notched slot.

SmallRig HawkLock quick release module. Source: SmallRig

Both the plate and the clamp are compatible with 1/4”-20 accessories. In fact, the plate can connect to a monitor, a LED light or any other accessory via a 1/4”-20 stud, while the clamp features a threaded hole at the bottom.

SmallRig HawkLock quick release module. Source: SmallRig

Moreover, additional plates and clamps can be purchased separately. This is extremely convenient since it allows for quickly moving an accessory, like a monitor, from one setup to another. For example, it can be a time saver when switching from a gimbal to a handheld setup.

Sturdy and durable design

A triple module design prevents deflection and loosing to occur, while a thumb-lever allows for quickly releasing the accessory from the clamp.

SmallRig HawkLock Ball Head. Source: SmallRig

Thanks to its aluminum and stainless steel construction, the whole system seems to be very sturdy and durable. According to the manufacturer, it can support a maximum load capacity of 5 kg, which is quite considerable.

SmallRig HawkLock monitor mount with NATO clamp. Source: SmallRig

SmallRig HawkLock Mini Series

Starting from the new quick release module, the company built a whole ecosystem around it. In fact, they are now offering several accessories that integrate this mechanism, including a monitor mount (that comes in two options, cold-shoe or NATO clamp), a ball head and a mini magic arm with dual ball heads.

SmallRig HawkLock Magic Arm with Dual Ball Heads. Source: SmallRig

Key features

  • Quick release system with drop-in mechanism
  • Compatible with 1/4”-20 accessories
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • Maximum load capacity: 5 kg
  • Anti-deflection and anti-loosing design
  • 30×27.6×25.3 mm
  • 37 ± 5 g
Smallrig Hawklock
image source: SmallRig

Price and availability

The SmallRig HawkLock quick release module is now available for purchase on B&H for $24.90. It includes a quick release plate, a clamp and an allen wrench key. The official retail price of any additional plate is $9.99, while the clamp-only option is now selling for $19.90.

Are you looking for a smart way to move your accessories from one setup to the other? Check out the SmallRig HawkLock system and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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