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Shelf Covers over Wire Shelving Brackets and Tracks


When I was pregnant with my son (now 8) I wanted to create a beautiful shelving system for his things (and some decor too) – but without a ton of work or time commitment.

I used cheap and easy to install wire shelving components topped with beautiful wood boards to create this:

shelf cover tutorial

This was the perfect solution – fast, easy, cheap, but great results!

shelf cover for wire shelves

Once the shelves were loaded up, you can barely see the hardware on the wall.

shelf cover

While I used mine for a nursery closet, you could use this shelf cover idea just about anywhere to make cheap wire shelving beautiful – pantries, linen closets, toy storage units in playrooms, garage shelving – your options are endless.

And with the full wood shelving on the top, you don’t have to worry about stuff falling between the wires, or getting stuck on the wire shelving.¬† It’s the best of both wire shelving and beautiful wood shelving: easy to install but more functional and beautiful.

Shelf Cover Tutorial

Here’s the step by step for creating your own wire shelf covers.


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