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Samsung QD-OLED TVs: Release dates, pricing, specs, latest news


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After the huge success that LG received when releasing its OLED series of TVs, it was only a matter of time before Samsung followed suit. Samsung’s latest project combines the two main panel technologies that dominate today’s display market – Quantum Dot and OLED.

Developed by the tech giant, Samsung, QD-OLED is one of the most exciting new tech arrivals in the TV space. It will look to bridge the gap between its own technology “Quantum Dot” and LG’s main panel technology “OLED”. By doing so, it’ll not only enable Samsung to capture some of the hardcore OLED market, but it could also potentially offer the best of both worlds.

While this all sounds great, many keen TV enthusiasts are still without information on Samsung QD-OLED release dates, pricing, and specs. Luckily, we have all the latest news and updates on Samsung QD-OLED TVs – and here’s what we know so far.

Samsung QD-OLED TV release date: What we know so far

At the time of writing this, we don’t have an official release date for Samsung’s anticipated QD-OLED series. However, there have been plenty of rumors recently that suggest an official unveiling could come in the first half of 2022.

Weirdly, Samsung refused to mention any details regarding its QD-OLED panels at CES 2022. Samsung was still recognized at the event though, with information regarding the company’s own QD-OLED models leaked around the same time. A ’65-inch QD-Display’ from Samsung is being referenced as the world’s first RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display – with many insiders suggesting that it could revolutionize TV technology by combining the high contrast levels of RGB OLED with the color accuracy and peak luminance of Quantum Dot.

All rumors seem to be backed up by reputable sources, with Edaily Korea stating that a provisionary start date for production would occur on November 30th, 2021.

Business Korea also reported the same information, stating the following information: “Samsung Electronics, the world’s No. 1 TV producer, is planning to unveil QD OLED TVs at CES 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas in January 2022. It will use QD OLED panels from Samsung Display, which has started mass production of the panels since the fourth quarter of 2021.

Samsung QD OLED release date
(Image Source: Sony)

Samsung QD-OLED potential pricing

As many have already speculated, the latest Samsung QD-OLED TVs won’t be cheap. In fact, insiders have suggested that the QD-OLED range will sit somewhere between Samsung’s enthusiast-level MicroLED TVs and its flagship QLED lineup – putting it way above the price of LG’s OLED series.

Furthermore, as this is a brand new technology, you can expect an immediate premium to be placed on the head of these high-performance TVs. If we take Sony as an example – a company that has also shown interest in using QD-OLED panels – the A95K will supersede the A90J (a TV that retailed for $3,000 55-inch/$4,000 65-inch).

Samsung QD-OLED sizing guide

Like always, we can expect the usual suspects in Samsung’s QD-OLED TV. That looks set to include a 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch variant. However, at this early stage, we can only speculate on the complete size range of Samsung’s latest TV lineup.

The only information we have regarding sizing right now comes from CES 2022 leaks that say a 65-inch QD-OLED panel is definitely in the making. We still aren’t sure whether smaller variations (42-48 inch) will become available – neither are we sure on whether the panels will be 4K or 8K.

Samsung QD-OLED TV Specs

As far as specifications are concerned, we know one thing’s for sure – QD-OLED will combine the best qualities of both Quantum Dot and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technologies. That means delivering spectacular HDR, excellent color accuracy, high contrast ratio, and new peak luminance.

Samsung has stated that its new QD-OLED panels with a 4K resolution will also feature 8.3 million light sources that, like OLED, can be controlled independently for a stunning 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Additionally, the new QD-OLED displays look set to deliver incredibly wide color gamuts – with 80% BT.2020 expected. Samsung also says that 0.0005 black depth and 1000 nit peak whites are realistic.

Gamers will also be pleased to hear that the QD-OLED TV lineup should feature Samsung’s Infinity One design alongside its immersive Object Tracking Sound Technology. Better yet, we should see 144hz refresh rates across the lineup and up to four HDMI 2.1 ports on each TV.


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