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Nintendo Switch NES controllers in stock and discounted


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Nintendo Switch gamers in North America can get their hands on the two-pack of Wireless NES controllers right now – and at nearly half the usual price. So let’s take a look at where and how to buy the retro-styled NES Controllers for Nintendo Switch.

What are Nintendo Switch NES controllers?

The Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers are a nostalgic replica of the classic NES controllers that accompanied the original ‘80s console. The new replicas, however, are completely wireless, and are charged by attaching them to the Nintendo Switch console.

where to buy discounted NES controllers Nintendo switch

Fans of the NES game library available through the Nintendo Switch Online membership and cse the NES controllers for a classic gameplay feel, whether playing alone or in co-op. As these controllers are for use with the classic NES games, they can only be purchased with a current Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The Nintendo Switch NES controllers can even be connected to and used with a Nintendo Switch Lite console, but you must still have a standard Switch for charging.

How and where to buy the NES controller

As mentioned above, the NES controllers are available only with a valid Nintendo Switch Online membership, and are therefore only officially available through the Nintendo Store directly. You will be asked to log in to your Nintendo account before being allowed to order up to four pairs of the controllers.

At the time of writing, not only are the controllers in stock on the Nintendo Store, but the price has been slashed to $34.99 from $59.99, so they are likely to be snapped up quickly. This offer is sadly only available on the US site, with controllers able to be shipped to the US and Canada. Players in other regions may still find the controllers are in stock locally, but they will be at the full price. A Nintendo Switch Online account is required everywhere.

Where to buy Nintendo Switch SNES controller

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch SNES controller is still out of stock globally. The Nintendo 64 Controller and SEGA Genesis Control Pad for Nintendo Switch, however, are both in stock at full price on the US Nintendo Store.

Play NES games on the Nintendo Switch

where to buy discounted NES controllers Nintendo switch

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can gain access to a huge library of classic game titles from both the classic NES and SNES consoles. With the upgraded Expansion Pack, you can play the full library of NES and SNES games, alongside Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games, and Animal Crossing New Horizon DLC, Happy Home Paradise (with a copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons).

Just some of the great NES games available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership:

  • Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Metroid
  • Donkey Kong
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mighty Bomb Jack
  • Kid Icarus
  • Yoshi
  • Ghosts’n’ Goblins

For the full list of NES games available on your Switch console, check out Nintendo’s dedicated site.


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