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A New and Unique Mount Ecosystem


In any discussion about tripods and monopods, the name Manfrotto is sure to crop up. At the top of many professional photographers’ accessory lists, the brand has been around for close to six decades. Synonymous with quality and durability, many products proudly display the “Made In Italy” branding. And not one to deviate from this norm is their all-new Manfrotto Move Quick Release ecosystem of “interconnectable parts and products.” It’s an innovative system designed to help photo and video shooters move their cameras between sliders, tripods, and gimbals.

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Too Long, Didn’t Read

With an easy attach and one-twist detach system, the Manfrotto Move Quick Release system ensures that you can move your camera between multiple accessories in the least amount of time. Simply screw the QR plate onto your camera and the QR Base onto any accessory (tripod/gimbal/slider). The rigid build quality ensures that the QR Plate remains firmly attached to the QR base with no jiggling yet allows for 360° rotation of the camera on the base. You’d definitely need at least two QR Base units to utilize the system properly. I’m a little surprised that these aren’t sold in pairs, as even if you purchased a QR Catcher System Set (1 base + 1 plate), you’d still need the 2nd base.

If you’re the kind of photographer or filmmaker who needs to move your camera between multiple accessories during a shoot, the Manfrotto Move QR system might just be what you need to speed things up.

The Manfrotto Move QR system attached to a DSLR

Pros and Cons


  • Attaching and detaching mechanism are really quick. Very easy to get a camera onto and off the QR Base.
  • Minimal and recycled packaging for the system. Environmentally friendly move by Manfrotto.
  • You can swiftly but smoothly rotate your mounted camera 360°.
  • Feels expensive in the hands.


  • Bulkier than I expected it to be.
  • Can’t quite use the QR Base with a sling strap. You’d need the QR Base attached to your sling mount and I’m not sure if the Base will hold a camera and QR Plate while it’s against gravity.
  • You’ll need more than one QR base (each USD 89.99) for sure.


It’s a new kind of mount system, and I’m not sure if there’s one quite like it on the market. The ever-popular Arca system isn’t as quick as this one to attach and release the camera from the base accessory. Even the edelkrone QuickRelease system needs the user to twist the plate twice to remove or attach the camera. In terms of speed alone, it seems like Manfrotto has a clear winner over other similar systems available today with this Move system.

Gear Used

  • Manfrotto Move Quick Release Catcher System set which includes:
    • Move Quick Release Base
    • Quick Release Plate
    • Nikon D810
    • Nikon Z6 II
    • Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 tripod
    • ManfrottoMHXPRO3W X-PRO 3-Way Head
    • Syrp Genie Mini

Tech Specs

For the QR Base, as seen on the webpage for the Manfrotto Move Quick Release System.

Weight 0.22 kg (approx 0.49 lb)
Material Aluminium
Accessory Size Height 3.8 cm (approx 1.5 in)
Safety Payload Weight 20 kg (approx 44 lb)
Base Diameter 60mm (approx 2.36 in)


At just 0.22 kg, the Manfrotto Move QR Plate is pretty lightweight. It was definitely more prominent in size than I expected for a camera mount. The bottom of the base is in the traditional metallic red colour of the brand, while the rest of the unit, minus the labeling, is black metal. The twist ring is comfortable to grip thanks to the knurled, raised points across it.

The Manfrotto Move QR Plate, which attaches to the base of your camera, comes with a 1/4″ screw as well as a 1/4″ – 3/8″ adapter inbuilt. A much-appreciated addon by Manfrotto saves users the hassle of looking elsewhere for one of these adapters. Keeping it inbuilt into the plate itself means you’re probably not going to lose this one.

It would have probably made the size of the QR base (and mount system) larger, but I know some photographers are going to wish that the QR plate had a screw thread to attach a sling strap to it. This also means that anyone wanting to use their sling strap as part of this system needs an additional QR Base. Manfrotto haven’t mentioned anywhere if this system can be to secure a camera in this manner. Given that the camera would be weighing down the QR Base against gravity, I would not recommend this for now.

Build Quality

The Move QR Base is really a beautifully machined piece of equipment. It looks like it’s capable of taking a few knocks while you’re using it in the field.

It looks like a thick hockey puck at first glance until you see a glint of that red base. When the QR Plate isn’t locked to the QR Base, you can’t twist the ring.

Ease Of Use

Once the QR Plate has been screwed onto the bottom of your camera and the QR Base(s) to the respective accessories, the process of moving your camera between them is relatively simple.

Simply place your camera with the attached QR Plate on top of the QR Base, and a loud click indicates that the system is locked in place. Nothing else is needed. As long as that satisfying click is heard, the camera and QR Plate are now firmly attached to the QR Base.

For additional peace of mind, twist the ring in the direction of the XLOCK text for extra tightening of the plate.

Just a tiny twist of the ring in the direction of the UNLOCK text will quickly release the QR Plate from your tripod.

The unlock spring mechanism is pretty powerful, so I wouldn’t try unlocking the QR base without a camera attached to the Plate, as it could fly out in the manner seen in this image.

Since both these units have standard 1/4″ and 3/8″ screws and threads, it’s apparent that their compatibility isn’t limited to just Manfrotto products alone, but works with most standard photography accessories.

The QR Plate is officially compatible with numerous Manfrotto ballheads, video heads, their 300XM gimbal, and the Syrp Genie Mini, Linear, Pan Tilt and Genie II Pan Tilt units. The QR Base is mentioned as being compatible with the Syrp Magic Carpet along with numerous Manfrotto tripods, the GIM-POD and GIMBOOM.



  • It is, by far, the fastest camera mount release system I’ve used.
  • Moving your camera between different accessories using this system is quick and easy.
  • Well machined, durable looking product.


  • Not easily compatible with any existing mount / plate systems such as the Arca system.
  • Having just one QR Base makes it pointless to add the system to your workflow, unless you’re a neck strap camera user who just wants to move the camera between your neck and a tripod often.

Manfrotto is clearly targeting photographers and filmmakers who have multiple camera support units and rigs. Even if you just have one camera, you’d need a QR Base for each accessory with which you intend to use this system. While it is attractively priced, this means that costs could add up if you have several tripods and sliders that you want to use as part of your daily photo or video workflow. The QR Base and the QR Plate are at the core of this new ecosystem that Manfrotto is building, and other brands would definitely do well to take notes.

From a usage perspective, switching cameras at this pace works in favour of those in fast-paced, run-and-gun environments, with the need to move their camera between accessories often.

Companies need to innovate to keep photography exciting, and this product does just that. I’m giving the Manfrotto Move Quick Release System four out of five stars. Want one? Be sure to check it out Amazon.


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