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Malouf Launches New Peak Mattress Line



Malouf announced it is launching a new line of hybrid mattresses at January’s Las Vegas Market. The Peak line is the premium product of the three-tier Malouf mattress offering, which also includes Embark and Ascend mattresses (previously part of the Wellsville brand). The new trio will exist alongside other Malouf products so customers can connect with one brand to complete their sleep system.

Director of Product Development Kyle Robertson said, “The Peak mattresses represent some of the best mattress technology available. These mattresses have performed extremely well in our pre-launch market testing, and we’ve received some very exciting feedback. We are confident that this line will bring an increased average order value to our retail partners.”


Every mattress in the Peak line includes a responsive AltiCoil layer, where hundreds of individually encased miniature coils adapt to the body, providing intuitive support no matter the sleeping position. The innovative new HyperChill cover is cool to the touch, with specially engineered threads with instant cooling power.


The Peak mattress line comes in two material variations: CoolSync and ActiveAir. CoolSync foam is cooler than traditional memory foam. The gel infusion and ventilated top layer help balance a sleeper’s temperature. ActiveAir quick response foam is ultra-breathable, provides support, and due to the open cell structure, allows for increased airflow.


Malouf mattresses included branding stories that lead the customer through a sleep journey with sub-brand lines called Embark, Ascend, and Peak. The lines tell a clear story that helps consumers understand the benefits of each individual mattress with premium branding to convey luxury and cooling. All the mattresses are roll-compressed for easy transport and storage, useful both in-store and for ecommerce channels.


Eric Holmstead, director of sales for Malouf, said, “There has been an increase in demand for premium mattresses since the pandemic, especially ones that are omnichannel compatible. Our product development team combined proprietary foam formulations with all-new designs, and the result looks great and feels amazing.” Holmstead continued, “Our goal is always to offer our retail partners innovative products with incredible features that will satisfy their customers’ needs.”


The new mattresses will all be available for preview at Las Vegas Market on January 23 to 27 in the Malouf showroom at B1350. For more information, contact a Malouf sales rep at 800-517-7179 or [email protected] or contact your sales representative to schedule an appoinent.



About Malouf Home™

Malouf Home leads the furniture and bedding industry with a wide selection of innovative products, including furniture, mattresses, adjustable bed bases, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames and mattress toppers. Together with sister brands Salt Flat and Weekender, Malouf commits to quality, pricing, and service through a comprehensive product catalog that satisfies a variety of customers. Malouf products are available in over 15,000 retail partner locations in the U.S., and its international team now serves over 56 countries. Malouf, a Certified B Corporation®, was founded in 2003 by Sam and Kacie Malouf and is headquartered in Logan, Utah. To learn more, visit


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