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Lost Ark Ghost Ships Guide: Locations & loot

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Lost Ark Ghost ships are one of the community-wide events that players can embark on when the time is right. Throughout the open waters of Lost Ark, there are Ghost Ship events, which spawn at different times of the day. Below you will find everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Ghost Ships events, including the variety of ship events, their locations and loot that come with it.

What are Lost Ark Ghost Ships?

Lost Ark’s Ghost Ships are a form of an open-world community event that you, your friends, guilds and random players can undertake. Throughout the open waters of Arkesia, you will stumble upon Ghost Ship events, typically on the west side of the map behind the wall of Procyon.

Each tier has an entirely different Ghost Ship you want to fight. The first tier is the Nightmare Ghost Ship, while T2 has the Shadow Ghost Ship, and the third tier has the Tempest Ghost Ship. These ships tend to spawn a few times a day. However, those times are random and the amount of times they spawn seem random. If you head over to the calendar, click a date and toggle the ghost ship tab, you will see the times the events go live.

All three of the ships you stumble across are located in the west of Arkesia, beyond the Wall of Procyon. To get past South Vern and Rethramis, you will need to unlock sailing to Rohendel. It does mean this is something you can only do when you’re actively at the Lost Ark end game.

There is also a legendary ship called the Ghost Ship: Eibern’s Wound you can get for completing the Bleak Night Fog daily. However, you can only complete this once a week and need to do it twelve times. Therefore, completionists out there want to take on a Ghost Ship at least once a week.

Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship: location and loot

Lost Ark Ghost Ship Events
Check the Calander for Ghost Ship sightings

The Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship is the Ghost Ship event you can stumble upon. The Nightmare Ghost Ship’s location is easily found in the Sea of Procyon, with its tooltip being a ship symbol, either greyed out if the event is not up or white if it is up.

You can sail directly into the ship and press ‘g’ to join the encounter. Note, you will need a ship that can contend with the beast, as you will be in stormy waters. We advise leveling up your ship, so you can actually survive the hazardous waters in that area, reaching the Ghost Ship with other players and taking on the boss onboard.

As for the loot, Expect to get your hands on Destruction and Guardian Stone Fragments for honing your tier 1 gear.  You can also expect to find Harmony shards, which are used for honing gear. Then there is also honing success rate gems, along with an Akkan card, and different tiers of battle and class engraving books.

To take part, you will need at least 460 item level to take part in the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship event.

Lost Ark Shadow Ghost Ship: location and loot

Once you’re into the Tier 2 content, you can face off against the Shadow Ghost Ship. The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost ship operates ins a similar way as its predecessor.

The Lost Ark Shadow Ghost ship rewards are similar to the Nightmare. Although, this ship instead gives you T2 honing gear, along with T2 honing gear success chance, along with higher quality class and battle engraving books. You need to have an item level of 960 to challenge this ship, which means you need to be decently progressed through tier 2 content.

As for the Shadow Ghost Ship location, you can find it near Yorn. Check the Area/Landmark legend on the world map for more accurate locations.

Lost Ark Tempest Ghost Ship: location and loot

If you’ve made it to tier 3 content, then you can encounter the Lost Ark Tempest Ghost Ship. This ship requires an item level of 1370, requiring you to be somewhat geared through Tier 3 content. You can find the location of the Tempest Ghost Ship near Punika island in the bottom left quadrant of the world map. Once again, check your world map legend for exact locations when the ship is active.

Just like its predecessors, the Tempest Ghost Ship is a way to get additional honing items for your Tier 3 progression. You can earn  Destruction, Guardian and Harmony  Crystals, along with T3 honing success chances. You are also more likely to land yourself an epic or legendary class or battle engraving booklet from the Tempest Ghost Ship.

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