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Lost Ark Deathblade Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings


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Lost Ark is launching lots of classes that you can sink your teeth into. With over 15 choices, there is certainly some big decision making factors to weigh in. We have made a Lost Ark Deathblade guide to make this process easier, featuring all you need to know about Deathblade builds, skills, and engravings. That way, you can decide whether or not this class is right for you.

Lost Ark Deathblade Guide

This guide will take a look at how the Deathblade class is commonly played in other established regions. We are using this methodology to give you an accurate representation of how the class is played at the top of the end game. That way, you can take a look at the playstyle, skills, and engraving style. You will know if this class is indeed right for you by the time this guide is over and done.

Luckily, you can perform class testers when you make a new character when you get in-game. That way you can try some of the skills the class uses, and see if the very basics of the class are right for you.

Also, we are going into detail on some of the jargon is. That way, you can work out what you’ll be doing at the end game to get invested in your character’s progression.

Lost Ark Deathblade Identity Skills

Lost Ark Deathblade Build
The Lost Ark Deathblade is very fast, mobile, and does lots of damage in her ‘Z’ window.
Image via Smilegate

Every class in Lost Ark has something that makes them stand out from amongst the crow. For some classes that might be two distinct powers, while others get something else. The Deathblade’s identity skill allows her to generate orbs stored in her gauge. When she activates her identity ‘Z’ skill, she gets more power based on the orbs spent/ At one orb spent, she gets  10% movement and attacks speed, 10% attack power, and 15% MP recovery. On the other hand, three orbs raise the attack speed to 20%, attack power to 30% and MP recovery to 45%.

This identity skill requires you to work out when is the best time to use it. It means you will need to learn fights in order to not sit on orbs and miss out on uptime. You should also keep in mind cooldown management, so you don’t waste precious DPS timings.

Lost Ark Death Blade Skills and Tripods

Based on the most common playstyles, these are the best Lost Ark Deathblade skills and tripods you will likely use. The most important thing to note here is that her dagger skills are the least popular, meaning most Deathblades put down the dagger in favour of skills that also use her sword on her back for big swings, airborne skills and knock-ups. This class becomes very agile using these kills, along with tripods that buff her damage, add extra mobility and do even more knock-ups. If you like the sound of this playstyle, then you will love this class.

One of the reasons why is because the Deathblade is primarily a single target class. She has some AOE skills, but her offence lies in her high attack power and single target oppression. However, you will use more dagger skills in chaos dungeons, as solo farm content offers a mix of big bads and packs of mobs to clear through. Therefore, you will use almost all of your skills in the end game. Some of it is just more useful in different content environments.

Lastly, we have only included seven skills below. It appears the eighth skill is largely flexible between players. Some people prefer more identity gauge generation skills, while others may like the indeed AOE in the kit. It all depends on what you want in your build on top of these powerful Lost Ark Deathblade skills you can see below.

Skill What it does Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Moonlit Sonic Perform an AOE sweep and pull enemies closer to you. Fist of Darkness Sustain Enhancement Shade Sonic
Spin cutter Combo skill that spins towards a location 5 meters away and deals damage, can be used two times in a row and combod with another skill. Open Weakness Quick Prep Your choice
Blitz Rush Charge 5 meeters forward and attack foes with your daggers and then a knock-up with your sword. Can be combod into another skill. Wide-Angle Charge Enhancement Shadow Rush
Dark Axel Jump 6 meters forward and pos foes back that you collide with your sword. Magick Control Corkscrew High Axel
Soul Absorber Charge up a mighty spear that you can thrust into your targets. This becomes a gap closer with Halve which also knocks targets up rather than back. Swift Fingers Fist of Darkness Halve
Maelstrom Creates a tornado that protects you and deals damage over six seconds to nearby foes.  Orb ControlTaking Orb control buffs your other skills in this period, stacking with your identity skill Dark Order adds a movement speed buff to party members.
Earth Cleaver Slam foes on the ground with your longsword and deal damage. Push adds a 4-meter dash to this skill Weak Point Detection Earth Explosion adds a knock up to the skill at the end of its cast.

Lost Ark Deathblade Engravings

Lost Ark Deathblade Skills Guide
The best Lost Ark Deathblade engravings will use lots of damage, crit and back attack engravings to bolster her damage.

The other important thing you need to know is that every Lost Ark class has class engravings. Two, to be precise. However, there is only one popular Deahblade Class Engraving, which is the Remaining Energy engraving. 

The Remaining Energy Deathblade engraving gives you an extra two seconds on your identity gauge. Moreso, you get a damage buff every time you use a movement skill. You can extend this damage buff uptime since your tripods give you extra movement skills. Not to mention this Deathblade engraving further increases your attack power depending on how many orbs in your gauge were spent.

All in all, you can get a significant damage increase while using your Z key, making this character feel incredibly powerful during her identity gauge damage window.

As for the remaining engravings, you can expect to use the typical Grudge, Adrenaline, Cursed Doll, and Precise Dagger. These Deathblade engravings will increase your damage output and crit output, at the cost of a few negative debuffs. However, the damage taken increased debuff from Grudge is negligible, since you have that many dashes you should be able to get out of harms way more often than not. 

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the Ambush engraving is great on a Deathblade. This is because the Deathblade gets bonuses to back attack, which increases the skill’s damage. It is a great engraving to take in group content since you can easily dash behind baddies and proc back attacks quite often. 

Lost Ark Deathblade Awakening Skills

Every class can get two unique Awakening skills, which are super powerful skills that require a reagent to use and quest to get. In this case, one of the Deathblade Awakening skills is 12 meter dash, which deals damage and knocks enemies hit in the air. On the other hand, you can use a hold skill that continuously slashes at enemies in a direction. You can then land a perfect hit on the bar and then throw giant swords at the targets for even more damage.

As you can see, both Lost Ark Deathblade Awakening skills are fantastic. It all depends on which content you are doing and how you get to implement them in your playstyle. For PvP, the dash is going to be fantastic if you are solo queueing, whereas group content with a reliable setup makes the second much more appealing.

Lost Ark Deathblade Gems

When you get to T2 content, you will find that gems start appearing. You can use gems to enhance specific skills that compliment your build. For the most part, gems on a Deathblade want to go to your most powerful skills, which increase the damage they do along with reducing their cooldown. Examples of this include gemming your Soul AbsorberMoonlit Sonic and Blitz Rush with damage and cooldown reduction. These are your strongest single target and AOE skills, which you want to use to destroy enemies in AOE and single target fights.


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