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Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 Gaming Notebook Will Be Ultrathin But Powerful-


Lenovo will add a new gaming notebook to its Legion series soon. This is the reason why we are getting more and more news concerning the Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 recently. Today is no exception. The company said that compared with the previous generation, the thickness of the forthcoming notebook is reduced by 11.6%. In effect, the thinnest part of the fuselage is 19.9mm. At the same time, the heat dissipation has not shrunk but improved.

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The poster shows that the main heat pipe of the machine has been upgraded from 8mm to 10mm, and the fan blade has been reduced from 0.25mm to 0.15mm.

In terms of performance, the Lenovo Legion Y7000P 2022 gaming laptop has a maximum acceleration power consumption of 135W, the GPU (RTX 3050 Ti) full-power consumption is 95W, and dual-bake performance is up to 45W + 95W.

Other Features Of Lenovo Legion Y7000P

Also, we know that the laptop will come with a metal cover. On the left side, there are two USB-C ports. As for the screen, the Legion Y7000P 2022 will have a 16:9 display with a QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 165Hz. The 16:9 2K screen on the Y7000P 2022 has the same specifications as the one on the R9000X 2021.

As a reminder, recently, the company wrote a status saying “Who said that weight and thickness cannot be combined with performance?” This was a clear hint that the Legion Y7000P will be stronger, lighter, and thinner than the previous models.

Generally, the laptop adopts a completely new design style. The whole machine design is more square and has a unique “industrial aesthetics”.

Lenovo has announced that it would release four new products covering two platforms. They are expected to be the Y9000P, Y7000P, and R9000P, R7000P. That’s not difficult to guess that the new laptops will sport both Intel and AMD chips.

Lastly, a recent poster displays that the performance mode of the Legion Y7000P and Y9000P 2022 gaming notebooks supports stepless adjustment. There are up to three modes of quiet mode, balanced mode, and beast mode.

Other than that, the 2022 gaming laptops will have three interesting and useful features: independent display direct connection, mixed output, and pure integrated display. In the independent display direct connection mode, the independent display will be directly output to the screen. Thus, it will ensure a stronger performance. The IGPU mode only enables the core display, which should save power. The hybrid output mode will automatically switch the independent display or the core display output according to the task type, taking into account the battery life and performance.


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