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League of Legends Season 22 live stream reveal new skins, champ road map and more


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Riot Games has concluded the 2022 edition of the League of Legends Season 12 dev stream. The broadcast features all you need to know on the New League of Legends Season 12, along with all the content you can expect for the remainder of the ’22 season.

League of Legends Season 22 live stream notes

The key details on the League of Legends season 22 live stream featured major changes to account progression, skin lines VGUs, community voting and the champion roadmap. We’ll dedicate a section to each of these themes.

LoL Champion Roadmap 2022 season

Champions are one of the most anticipated bits of content all year. However, there is a bit of a backlog of champs after the Season 21 promises. Instead of aiming to do a champion for every lan every year, they will instead focus on making sure champions launch when they are ready. Take Viego, for example. That champion was bugged for several months, featuring many game-breaking bugs.

Instead, Riot will release champs when they are ready. In terms of the new League of Legends champion roadmap, you will find that Zeri is the next champion. Riot teased more of her kit, without going too into detail on the specifics just yet. All we know is she is very mobile, her Q is an AA, and her AA is a spell. Very interesting. All that information came later.