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Kirin Bow Genshin Impact Leaks

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Another day, another Genshin Impact leak. This latest hot piece of information comes from reliable source Project Celestia on Twitter, who writes:

Bow_Kirin’s ascension materials were updated to use Deathly Statuettes and Spectral Nuclei in 2.5 BETA, though release date is unknown. No other information regarding this weapon is available.

Previously leaked images of Kirin Bow

For context, this Bow first appeared in a huge datamine last year, wherein several unannounced weapons were uncovered. Many of these weapons have been released since, such as Song of Broken Pines, Freedom-Sworn and Elegy for the End. However, Kirin Bow is one of the many which has remained unreleased.

…But perhaps, not for much longer.

With Kirin Bow’s data appearing in the latest beta, players might expect to see this brand-new weapon in upcoming versions, likely before version 3.0.

Kirin Bow – Ganyu’s Canon Bow?

Many fans have pointed out that this bow bears a striking resemblance to Ganyu, both in name and appearance. Ganyu is half-Qilin, which is the Chinese version of the Japanese Kirin. This makes it very possible that this Bow is designed to be Ganyu’s new best in slot and canon weapon.

However, the existence of Amos’ Bow does argue against this. Ganyu is seen wielding Amos’ Bow in various in-game cutscenes. On top of that, Amos’ Bow’s passive almost seems like it was designed for her, with an emphasis on Charged Attacks. This makes it unclear what kind of role the Kirin Bow will have.

Ganyu wielding her Amos’ Bow

Kirin Bow Rarity, Stats and Effects

As of now, there is no news on whether Kirin Bow is 4-stars or 5-stars, or even what it does. All we know is that it exists, which isn’t exactly much to go off of.

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