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ARRI Camera Accessories for Sony VENICE 1 and 2 Announced


ARRI Camera Accessories for Sony VENICE 1 and 2 Announced

Right after the announcement of the development of the new Sony VENICE 2, German manufacturer ARRI started working on a new set of accessories for the camera. These include new top and bottom plates, side brackets and a broadcast shoulder pad. All the new accessories are backward-compatibile with the original VENICE.

The Sony VENICE has quickly become one of the most popular high-end digital cameras over the last few years. Back in November, Sony announced its successor, the VENICE 2, which inherits the legacy of the original model and introduces some major upgrades. You can read all about the new camera in this article.

Despite the similar design, the VENICE 2 body is slightly more compact than the original (with the AXS-R7 recorder attached, as it is now part of the VENICE 2 body). These physical changes forced ARRI to develop an upgraded set of mechanical accessories specifically designed for the VENICE 2, but also backward-compatible with the original VENICE. Let’s take a more detailed look.

ARRI bottom plate for Sony VENICE 1 and 2

Let’s start from the bottom plate. The ARRI Plate developed for the original Sony VENICE (K2.0017137) has a hump that makes it incompatible with the VENICE 2. In fact, the new camera has an all-flat design at the bottom.

On the other hand, the newly-developed ARRI Plate (K2.0043726) works with both cameras. It features dual 15mm rod mounts, ARRI Multi HEX screws and two M4 threaded holes on each side for attaching the brand new side brackets.

ARRI Bottom Plate for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

By popular demand, new side brackets

Since many users have been asking for additional mounting points, ARRI welcomed this request by introducing left and right side brackets (K2.0043725 and K2.0043731).

Besides providing several 3/8”, 1/4” and M4 threaded holes, the brackets are compatible with existing ARRI rod holders and rosette mounts. Moreover, their design doesn’t interfere with the Wooden Camera D-Box Power Strip, which is largely used on many productions.

ARRI Side Brackets for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

The top plate

Unlike the bottom plate, the top plate for the VENICE 1 (K2.0017024) is also compatible with the VENICE 2. Nonetheless, ARRI decided to develop a fresh cheese-style top plate (K2.0043699).

It provides numerous 3/8”, 1/4” and M4 threaded holes and support for the new side brackets. Moreover, the Sony focus hood can be removed from the camera and attached directly to the top plate.

Last but not least, this top plate can be equipped with the existing ARRI CCH-4 top handle and it can accomodate the ARRI MVB-1 (Mini Viewfinder Bracket) to support the VENICE viewfinder via a dedicated adapter.

ARRI Top Plate for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

Cine vs Broadcast kits

By combining these new accessories, ARRI has developed four different kits for the VENICE 1 and 2:

  • Basic Cine Set
  • Pro Cine Set
  • Basic Broadcast Set
  • Pro Broadcast Set
ARRI Bridge Plate Adapter for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

In the Cine kits, the bottom plate connects directly to a low-profile Bridge Plate Adapter (K2.0017138), while the Broadcast sets include a new VCT-style Broadcast Shoulder Adapter (K2.0043749) that is more suitable for shoulder camera work.

ARRI Broadcast Shoulder Adapter for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

Moreover, what sets apart the Pro from the Basic kits is the inclusion of the side brackets as well as of the MVB-1 (Mini Viewfinder Bracket).

ARRI Pro Cine Set for Sony VENICE 1/2. Source: ARRI

Price and availability

These new ARRI Camera Accessories for the Sony VENICE 1 and 2 will start shipping towards the end of February, exactly when the camera should hit the shelves.

The accessories and kits are now available for pre-order on B&H and CVP. Pricing ranges from $1520 for the Basic Cine Set and goes up to $3450 for the Pro Broadcast Set.

Are you a VENICE user looking for mechanical accessories for the camera? What do you think about these ARRI Camera Accessories for the VENICE 1 and 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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