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KipperTie Strata-PL Now Available – Bolt-on PL Mount for RED V-RAPTOR


KipperTie Strata-PL Now Available – Bolt-on PL Mount for RED V-RAPTOR

The KipperTie Strata-PL is the first PL to RF mount adapter specifically designed for the RED V-RAPTOR to feature a bolt-on design. It helps remove stress from the original mount when using heavy PL cinema lenses. It is now available to purchase for £700.

We have already talked extensively about how the new RED V-RAPTOR is an exceptional camera. However, its native Canon RF mount system can be a double-edged sword. In fact, while it ensures compatibility with a huge number of lenses, its mirrorless-oriented design might suffer the stress of heavy PL-mount cinema lenses.

Luckily, KipperTie came up with a solution for the most demanding productions and camera builds. Their new KipperTie Strata-PL, which is engineered for the RED V-RAPTOR specifically, features a bolt-on design that helps take the burden away from the camera’s RF lens mount. Let’s take a closer look.

KipperTie Strata-PL for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: KipperTie

KipperTie Strata-PL

Unlike other PL to RF adapters already available on the market, the Strata-PL features a bolt-on design. This means that it bolts directly to the front of the RED V-RAPTOR’s body via four 1/4”-20 stainless steel screws.

Its design perfectly matches the front profile of the camera. The original RF mount only serves as a reference point for positioning the Strata-PL, but it doesn’t sustain any weight. This allows the use of heavier PL lenses without the risk of damaging the native RF mount.

KipperTie Strata-PL for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: KipperTie

Build-quality and functional features

Like other KipperTie products, the Strata-PL seems to have a pretty tough, robust construction. Moreover, it features three 3/8”-16 and several 1/4”-20 threads for mounting additional accessories, such as monitors and handles.

In order to achieve high optical performance, the inside of the adapter features optical baffles and flare traps that should minimize internal reflections.

In my opinion, the only drawback of this product is the missing internal behind-the-lens ND system. For example, the Breakthrough Photography Cinema DFM mount offers this feature, even though it still relies on a bayonet mount.

KipperTie Strata-PL for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: KipperTie

Price and availability

The Strata-PL is now available for order on the KipperTie website. The official retail price is £700.00 (excl. VAT) and there’s currently a lead time of two weeks. 

While the adapter comes pre-shimmed, in the box you will find additional shims for fine-tuning adjustments.

Did you experience any issues shooting with heavy PL-mount lenses on the RED V-RAPTOR? If so, do you think the KipperTie Strata-PL can solve these problems? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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