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How to summon spirits in Elden Ring


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Summoning is one of the new features in Elden Ring, allowing players to summon great creatures to their aid. You can bring along some imps to fight by your side via the keepsake starting items, but the game doesn’t tell you how to use them. So, here is a guide that explains how to summon spirits in Elden Ring.

How to summon spirits in Elden Ring

Summon Spirits Witch Elden Ring
Greetings, Witch

When you get out of the tutorial and arrive in Limgrave, you need to explore the game. The game doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do, so we will help you out here. First, exit the sewer grid you come out of, avoid the Tree Sentinel, and stick to the left of the road. You will find a ruined church, which you can rest and touch grace.

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Now that you have unlocked, you have a decent respawn point if you get your head kicked in by any of the hostiles nearby. The next thing you want to do is check the grace you just unlocked and pay attention to the golden beam of light that goes into the air and points in a direction. It points towards a forest that runs into the trees if you notice carefully. Head that way. 

Beware some knights in shining armor who want to kiss you with their steel rather than rosy lips. Although, it is easy to stealth past them. We recommend sticking to the left side of the camp you approach so you can avoid pulling the brave ser knights and getting beat up in chivalric glory. You can activate a statue along the road to grant you an extra resurrect if you fancy a scrap.

Follow the left side of the camp, sticking as close to the cliff face as you can. Then you can stumble upon a grace spot on the road near the gate. Rest there, and you should get a cutscene in which the Finger Maiden talks to you and give you the mount. Now that you have got that, it should be nighttime. You can now fast travel back to the Church of Elleh, which we advised getting to earlier.

Now that you have arrived at the Church of Elleh, you will notice a blue witch chilling on the stone wall of the ruin. Speak to her. She will ask whether you have got your mount. You will say yes you do, and wallah, she grants you the ability to summon spirits in Elden Ring by granting you the Sprit Calling Bell. Note, you can only see this witch at night time and presuming the church has not been destroyed.

Elden Ring Summon Spirits marker
Harness the power of spirits when this marker pops up.

However, that doesn’t exactly teach you how to summon spirits in Elden Ring. You need to find an area that marks the left side of your screen with a blue rune/gravestone.. When you’re in those areas it means you can use any of your summons at the cost of your mana bar. 

And there we have it. You now know how to summon spirits in Elden Ring. If you want more Elden RIng guides, you can check out WePCs Elden Ring hub for more content.


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