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Create dynamic animal portraits with food-grade coloured powder


How do you make agility dogs looks even more awesome? You add a dramatic coloured powder of course! DIYP took a look at these amazing images taken by UK photographer Kit Fanner and found out exactly how he shot them.

Before we get any further it is worth noting that these dogs are highly trained and the powder was food grade and placed along the rear of the dog’s back. At no point were the dogs put at any risk.

“We love working with animals,” says Kit, “and we just wanted to create something different with the animals we normally photograph.”  This dog photoshoot was created using a special powder to create streaking colour trails behind the dogs as they jumped. The powder is a special powder that is safe to use along the back of the dog and is not ingested by the dog in any way.

The dogs used were agility dogs and are well trained with commands from the owners but according to Kit, you could easily do something similar with your own pet if you had them running or chasing a ball.

As with any animal of any size, the safety of the animal is paramount over any photos you want to achieve, their safety comes first, no question!

– Kit Fanner

Equipment used:

In this Behind the Scenes video, you can watch the entire process, plus some of the finished images. Aside from a little clean-up in post, everything was captured in-camera.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the images are pretty spectacular and add another level of interest and drama to the shots of these beautifully intelligent animals.

Kit says they have been asked to create something similar in the near future with horses, I look forward to seeing how those images turn out. You can see more of Kit’s work on his website, facebook and Instagram.


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