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How to open Von List’s Office Void in Vanguard Zombies


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A new, mid-season has been rolled out to Call of Duty Vanguard, making significant changes to both Multiplayer and Zombies. The biggest change to Zombies comes in the addition of a more classic gameplay mode that will make past players of the franchise feel more at home.

With poetic timing, the first major Vanguard update of 2022 arrived just ahead of January 15th – or 115 Day – 2022, traditionally a day Treyarch reveals details on the future of Call of Duty Zombies. While the developer has revealed some information about what can be expected from Zombies in the months ahead, the main story is a new change in this week’s mid-season update, bringing old Zombies round-based gameplay to Vanguard. So how do you unlock the Void Objective, and how do you open new map area Von List’s Office, in COD Vanguard Zombies?

What is the Void in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies?

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Access a new area – Von List’s Office – from Stalingrad for a new story narrative, and new portal to fan-favorite map Shi No Numa. In Shi No Numa’s Void Objective, players will face increasingly difficult waves of Zombies, much like classic COD Zombies gameplay from the franchise’s past.

After three rounds in The Void, players can choose to keep battling the waves of zombies until the whole team is downed, or until players choose to escape back to Stalingrad. If players decide to flee back to Stalingrad, they can then upgrade Perks, Covenants and Artifacts as normal, and will be able to return back to The Void at any time.

After surviving 12 rounds, players will be rewarded with a perk boost, meaning Perks cannot drop below Tier II when downed for the remainder of the match. Treyarch have even revealed that, for those good enough at surviving the zombie onslaught, there may be more hints waiting in the later waves. Their 115 Day blog post states, “Survive long enough, and you might even discover new details about where the story’s heading next.”

How to find and open Von List’s Office in COD Zombies

How to open Von List's office void in COD vanguard Zombies

In Vanguard’s Zombies, players unlock new areas by entering various portals and completing the objective within. In order to gain access to Void, players will need to complete two Objectives. The first is to the north east of the central Fountain Square area, and the next is inside the Store. Upon completion of the Store portal, you can return to the Store to find a new, previously-inaccessible area has been unlocked. This is where you will find Von List’s Office and the new Void portal.

Tome of Rituals

The Tome of Rituals in Stalingrad is a new place to invest your Sacrificial Hearts and will enable you to upgrade your Artifacts up to Tier V. Take a look at our COD Vanguard update patch notes page to see the full list of Artifact upgrades available.


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