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How to duplicate a Remembrance in Elden Ring

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Remembrances are powerful items in Elden Ring. Not only are they the only way to get access to boss weapons and spells, but they’re also great sources of huge amounts of runes if you’re wanting to level up. The problem is that unless you hit NG+, then you only get one of each remembrance, and sometimes there are two boss items that need them. Luckily, there is a way to make more of these items, even if it is a little limited. This guide will teach you how to duplicate a remembrance in Elden Ring.

How to duplicate a Remembrance in Elden Ring

Duplicating a remembrance is pretty simple. As you explore the world, you’ll occasionally come across these living structures stalking across the landscape. You’ll need to get inside these things if you want to copy your remembrances.

Getting inside the Walking Mausoleum

Walking Mausoleums Leaping

There are a few different types of Walking Mausoleums in the world. Some of them need to be bought down from the ground, others need to be scaled from the outside before you can get inside. Get on your horse and ride up to your target’s legs. If you see clusters of white-glowing skulls, start swinging at them with your melee weapon and dodge whenever the lumbering beast tries to stomp on you. After they’re all gone, the Mausoleum should just come clattering down.

If the Walking Mausoleum doesn’t have those obvious weak spots on the legs, then you’re going to need to jump on top of it. Look for a jetstream nearby, or perhaps a ledge that you can drop onto the top of the monster from. The jumps can be incredibly tight for these, so watch out for fall damage if you’re not using a jetstream. Once you’re on top, look for those same white clusters and destroy them all to get the door open. Just be careful not to fall off when the monster comes crashing down.

How to duplicate a Remembrance

Walking Mausoleums Opening Door

Inside you’ll see an altar, and it’ll ask you to choose a remembrance to duplicate. You should also be warned that you can only do this once for each mausoleum that you come across. Once you’ve selected the item you want to copy, it’ll just appear in your inventory with no fanfare at all. On the plus side, you now have basically two boss souls. Good for you.

Walking Mausoleum locations

There are three walking mausoleums dotted around the map that we know of. The three regions that you’ll find them in are The Weeping Peninsula, Liurnia of the Lakes, and Mountain of Giants.

Weeping Peninsula

This one should be pretty easy to find. Head for the First Church of Marika on the westernmost side of the area. From here, look southeast and you should see the beast wandering around the nearby plain.

Liurnia of the Lakes

This one is a bit tougher to find. If you already have access to the East Raya Lucaria Gate point of grace then just teleport there, and look off the southeast edge to see a jetstream you can jump down into. The mausoleum should be wandering around down there.

Mountain of Giants

This one is a bit more mysterious, but you should be able to find it near Castle Sol in the northern part of the area.

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