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How to DIY Paint a Leaf Patterned Dining Table Runner


 Bright colors and embellishments are used by all to make interiors
stand out. Be it cushion covers or dining table runners
. We all have seen sequins at play with
artistic twists on interior designs.

Using nature to brighten up your furniture is the new trend that
can easily be followed at home and even as a DIY.

Making a DIY leaf print on your table runner will not only be
adding personality but also create a calming vibe around the table.

Table runners look chic on Wooden Dining Tables especially if they are made of fabric and have a natural pattern on them and we
will be making just that.

Find a plain white dining table runner which is long enough to hang to the sides of the table. Along with a
pre-made fabric runner you will also need acrylic paints and a piece of fabric.
Collect some leaves in different shapes and sizes from your garden and you’re
set to begin your DIY.

For a natural
look, you can just use the color green but you have the choice of using multi-colors
as well to create a fun design.

The first step to making the leaf
design is to decide on which color of paints you will be using.

For this project,
we decided to use simple shades of green. You can any color of your choice. Now
take the leaves and make sure they are not damp. Dry the leaves by pressing them
between a piece of fabric so all the moisture is absorbed from the leaf.

Spread the dining table runner on a flat surface and
start to paint one side of the leaf with green paint. Once one side is done
wait for it to starting drying, and directly but gently press the painted side
of the leaf on the runner’s fabric.

You would need
to decide how you want your design to turn out first though. If you want to
create a leaf pattern on the 4 borders of the runner leaving the center empty
then apply the leaves in one direction while giving open spaces in between.

You can use the
extra pieces of fabric to press on the leaf so the paint is shifted to the
fabric. Another thing to keep in mind while you work on creating art is to make
sure not to overpaint the leaves. Apply only how much is needed.

If you apply a
heavy amount then the painted leaf can get smudged while being pressed.

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Let the painted runner dry
completely before use. You can also add beading to its borders or tassels to
its hanging sides.  This will make the Dining Table runner more
fun and lively. Tassels also look great on wooden dining tables. 


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