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Homeworld 3 Release Date & Trailer


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Space and RTS gameplay is just a killer combo. If you’re the sort of person who really enjoys RTS games, then you’re probably also the kind of nerd who enjoys space and sci-fi content too. Homeworld 3 is the third game in the long-running Homeworld series that has been going on PC since the late 90s, albeit with a nearly 20-year gap since the last original game was released.

If you’re a fan of the original games, or even someone who came aboard with the more recent remasters, then you’re probably pretty excited to get your hands on this one. We’ve gone ahead and put together all of the most important information about this release in a single place to make it much more convenient for you.

Homeworld 3 Release Date

The title was announced after the release of the Homeworld Remastered Collection that brought back the first two games in the series with updated graphics and controls. Because the remastered titles were so successful, it was clear to the publishers that there was still life in the series for a brand-new title. Since then, there have been rounds of crowd-funding and investing to supply the game with a pretty decent budget.

homeworld 3 screenshot

The latest trailer is were we have our idea of a release window from. Accoridng to the final screen of the most-recent trailer relased, Homeworld 3 will be out at some point in Q4 of 2022. A lot of fans have high hopes for the game, so we’ll all be waiting to see if the title can live up to the expectations.

Homeworld 3 Trailer

So far, Homeworld 3 is shaping up to be the perfect sequel to the original games. It features some pretty excellent graphics that are a great update to the way the original titles looked. We also know that the developers extensively invovled the fanbase with the creation of the game, so there are going to be a lot of changes and tweaks to the original formula that fans have been asking for over the years.

One unique element of the original games that is making a comback is the 3D ballistic system. Obviously, being a 3D RTS set in space, there’s more to deal with than just moving your ships around a 2D plane. Instead, you’ll need to manevour your ships in 3D-space, and that means you’ll have to aim their guns in 3D space as well.

You can check out the reveal trailer below. It shows off some hints of the games overall storyline, as well as a bit of in-game footage to display the new graphics.


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