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Distant Worlds 2 Release Date, Trailer


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Space and 4X strategy is a pretty classic combination. Just ask your parents about Master of Orion and they’ll tell you, that game was the bomb. Well, a number of games have come along over the past few years to keep the dream alive, and Distant Worlds 2 is setting up to be another torch keeping the flame alive.

distant worlds 2 screenshot

If you’re interested in spending hours pouring over star charts and tactical menus, then you’ll be pretty stoked to hear that the game is finally dropping in 2022, and we’ve gone and found out exactly when it’ll be happening. I guess we’re just nice like that.

Distant Worlds 2 Release Date

Distant Worlds 2 first had its gameplay revealed back in January of 2021, and people have been hankering for more news on the game ever since then. We’ve had a few snippets here and there, but it’s not until recently that we actually got a released date on the game.

It’s clear now that the game will be hitting digital store shelves on March 10th, 2022, and is exclusive to PC, because trying to play this game with a controller would be the world’s most aggravating experience.

Distant Worlds 2 Trailer

As with any 4X strategy game, a lot of the gameplay in Distant World 2 is menu-driven. What’s very interesting about this particular 4X strategy game is the fact that it has some absolutely huge galaxies for you to explore and conquer.

A single galaxy can have up to 2000 star systems and tens of thousands of planets. Even better, every game you play will have a different arrangement, so the game always feels fresh, or at the very least looks different.

Feel free to check out the trailer for the game below, to at least get an idea of the theme that the game is going for.


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