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Dark Souls RPG set to use D&D 5e rules


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One of the most notoriously difficult games of all time is set to see a table top-roleplaying game release, and not just any TTRPG. This table top translation of the game will be using the rules and system of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Meaning you won’t need to be learning a new and intricate table top system, which we know can sometimes take a whole lot of your time. Thankfully, if you’re D&D savvy, you’ll be able to pick up Steamforged Games’ Dark Souls table top adaptation.

Dark Souls RPG

One of the Dark Souls‘ main feature involves the highly challenging and difficult battles and enemies. Something which has earned the game a notorious reputation and a the game’s motto of: ‘You Died’. So how exactly would this translate to a tabletop game? Where players are encouraged to create their characters with care and effort. Players would quickly find it frustrating and tiring if their characters constantly died and they’d need to make new ones each session. Or even mid-session. So how have Steamforged Games translated this? Well none other than through their unique death and rebirth mechanics.

This mechanic is based on the video games’ system that rewards players’ willpower and perseverance. Furthermore, there will also be a system that allows players to spend your health to change your fate. Supposedly, this ability will grant users the ability to spend your own health as a resource to change the tide in your favour. It grants you more power, but obviously you’ll be closer to death. And players aren’t the only ones who can use this ability.

Dark Souls RPG Bestiary

Within this tome, you’ll find a pretty expansive section solely based around the deadly enemies and monsters from the video games. And as to be expected, they won’t be the easiest to face. All of the monsters and foes will be laid out in the typical D&D 5e standard.

Dark Souls RPG Magic

In addition to the bestiary, you can expect to find new magic-based abilities. Particularly with Pyromancies, new spells and Miracles.

Dark Souls RGP Setting

Fans of the Dark Souls setting will be pleased to know that this table top roleplaying adaptation will also feature the Dark Souls III‘s setting, Lothric. The book will help game masters create either one-shots or overarching campaigns, whether they want to implement some of the Dark Souls mechanics in their own world or if they want to start a new adventure in Lothric, this new RPG allows for it.

Dark Souls RPG Release Date

The book will release Spring 2022. With pre-ordering available from February 2022.


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