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Chord again finds its Mojo with second-gen DAC/headphone amp

Chord Electronics has finally released its second-generation version of the Mojo 2 portable DAC and headphone amp. Priced at £449

The first version of the Mojo was a runaway success and the second version is a re-engineering of the original device which once again is designed and handmade in the UK. There’s a new menu system navigated via another control ‘sphere’ on the device. You’re now able to mute, adjust crossfeed or lock the device for travel.

Chord claims the Mojo 2 boasts a world-first ‘lossless DSP’ (digital signal processor) which it dubs a ‘UHD DSP’ meaning zero degradation in sound quality. We’re increasingly seeing music being referred to in the same HD and Ultra HD terms we’ve become used to referring to video in. Want the stats? It’s a 104-bit custom-designed DSP at 705/768kHz. You get the ability to fine-tune across the full frequency range with 18 steps per frequency banding: lower bass, mid-bass, lower treble and high treble.

Also new is a USB-C input which means there’s a fourth digital input alongside optical, coaxial and Micro USB. There are dual 3.5mm headphone jack outputs so you can have two people listening simultaneously.  

Also new this time around is a new charging system with a whopping 75% reduction in power loss while you’re juicing up. The capacity is also up by around 9% and there’s an improvement to the ‘desktop mode’ to ensure there’s no loss in sound quality if you’re using it while connected to power.

As with the original Mojo, Mojo 2 is also compatible with the Poly music streamer and server, too.

We’ll be bringing you a full review of the Mojo 2 very soon.

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