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Competition news: Leica announced a new 60MP M11 camera with “Triple Resolution technology”

Leica officially announced the new M11 (specs here at BH).  Dpreview writes:

The M11’s headline feature is a 60MP BSI CMOS sensor, featuring what Leica calls ‘Triple Resolution’ technology, allowing the camera to capture Raw or JPG images at 60, 36, or 18 megapixel resolution using the full sensor area.

The sensor in the M11 is covered by a new, extremely thin IR+UV filter, which is designed to provide even more effective correction to oblique rays of light. Additionally, a new color filter array promises to deliver improved, more natural color. The camera has a base ISO of 64 and ranges up to ISO 50,000, and Leica claims 15 stops of dynamic range.

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