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A new Pokemon Arceus gameplay trailer shows off mounts, AI personalities and more


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Nintendo showed off another Pokemon Arceus gameplay trailer, this time with a lot of content in its 13 min long gameplay feature. Features include a more in-depth look at the game’s open-world map, along with expressive pokemon personalities, crafting, items, and more. Here are the most standout parts of the Pokemon Arceus gameplay trailer.

Pokemon Arceus personality types

At the start of the Pokemon Arceus gameplay trailer, the game demonstrates the character of the Pokemon you will encounter. There seem to be roughly four different types of personalities among wild pokemon. These four personalities are:

  • Passive – The Pokemon in question does not care that you are there and will happily acknowledge your existence.
  • Shy – These Pokemon will try to run away from human presence.
  • Alert – Alert means you can’t catch them and you need to battle them to try to catch them.
  • Aggressive – Aggressive wild pokemon will try to attack you. Taking damage will cause you to blackout and lose some items you are carrying. A menu pops up telling you what items you lost.

Survey Corps gameplay feature

Survey Corps are a field mission you are one while trying to complete the Hishui Pokedex. These missions require you to capture and observe different behaviours or use their moves.

When you are finished with a survey report, you can head back to Professor Lavinto and hand it in. It will help to complete your progress report and increase your rank in the Survey Crops. You will also get paid for your survey, which you can use to buy items or materials.

Pokemon Arceus mounts

To help travel the open and dangerous world of Hishui region, Pokemon Arceus mounts will help you get about easier. There are special Pokemon that you can get, such as the Wyrdeer, which helps you travel across the land with ease. Hisulan Braviary is a flying type eagle pokemon that will allow trainers to soar across the sky. If you need water transport, then the Basculegion allows you a seat as it glides you through the waves in comfort and style. See the article’s feature image for an example of the Pokemon Arceus mount system.

Jubilife Village

Pokémon Legends Arceus Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set
Image via Nintendo.

Jubilife Village is the game’s main base of operations. You can interact with NPCs to trade Pokemon with other players or buy items and materials you need for your journey. Also, the game has a residence for your character, which certainly implies some form of player housing system.

While that helps with the everyday life of the game, the Jubilife Village in the Pokemon Arceus trailer appears to be your mission control. It is home to many corps, which all aid the mission to learn about the Pokemon in the Hishui region. These missions will eventually take you to different biomes of the area, such as the Obsidian Fields, home to the more common grass, flying, water and flying pokemon in the game. As you complete the areas, you will then unlock other areas and find even more survey reports and new biomes to explore.

Missions are the type of content you will get to progress the main questline. NPCs around the village, or in the biomes for that matter may provide separate side quests known as requests or main quest missions. Some of these missions involve finding certain Pokemon, catching them, fighting them or collecting items.

Pokemon Arceus battles

There are going to be some major changes to the Pokemon Arceus battles. You can get two hits in a fight, sneak attack, and more. If you sneak up on a pokemon and throw a Pokeball with a pokemon in it, you can attack the target. Then you can also get an extra attack in because you caught the pokemon by surprise.

Meanwhile, there is a new Pokemon Alpha feature. In the Pokemon Arceus gameplay trailer, you’ll find the trainer fighting an alpha Walrein. Pokemon Alphas are simply unique versions of Pokemon, which are even bigger than normal and have red eyes. The guide to the gameplay trailer mentions that they are hard to fight and catch, but if you do, they are most certainly worth the effort. Not to mention the trading value can provide.

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Pokemon Arceus Comsetics

Is it even an open world RP if you can’t customize your character., In this game, you can spend your hard-earned money on buying yourself new clothes, accessories and more to really make your unique style, Moreso, you can change your trainer’s hairstyle, hair colour and more.

For a closer look at the trailer yourself, you can look at the game in the attached video. Warning, the video is  13 minutes long. So, set aside sufficient time to absorb everything in the game.
Remember, Arceus’ release date is January 28. If this excites you, remember to pre-order the game and get ready for the first real 3D open-world Pokemon game in history.


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