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Canon will Release a New Cinema EOS Camera on Jan 19th


Canon will Release a New Cinema EOS Camera on Jan 19th

We’ve just received word from our trusted partner B&H that Canon will be holding a “big announcement” on January 19. And if you look closely, you can also spot the iconic Cinema EOS C symbol in the press image. So what is going to be in store?

Disclaimer: we here at CineD follow a strict no-rumors policy. So I’m not going to tell you anything I don’t know for sure and that is not officially and freely available.

Canon Cinema EOS

Canon launched its first Cinema EOS C camera in 2011, and it was the C300, a camera that I personally shot many projects with! New and improved models followed constantly, including the iconic 1D C in 2012, the C700 in 2016 and the latest Canon C70 in 2020.

Canon even released a video celebrating 10 years of Cinema EOS cameras:

So you’re wondering what’s going to happen on January 19? Well, according to the B&H newsletter we received, as well as the Canon UK website, Canon will be making a “big announcement” that day, and it will have something to do with, you guessed it, the Cinema EOS range.

Canon Cinema EOS
Canon’s marketing image. Credit: Canon USA (via Twitter)

That’s it for now, stay tuned for the official Jan 19th announcement which will take place at 7:00 AM (EST) / 12:00 PM (GMT) on Canon’s YouTube Channel.

Links: Canon UK
featured image credit: Canon USA (via Twitter)

What features would you like to see on this upcoming camera? Share your thoughts and experiences with the Cinema EOS line in the comments below!


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