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Boba Fett Inspired Custom Dual Liquid Cooled Modded PC


Rebuilt from the ground up, this striking modded pc was previously a barely functioning pile of tubes and wires. When this incredible gaming PC was brought by a close friend to our Senior Sales Leader, Joe, we couldn’t let those components go to waste. Instantly, a dream was put together to reassemble this PC with proper liquid cooling procedures, hardline tubing throughout and a custom theme using a favorite character as inspiration.

Expert Gaming PC Modding and Detailing

A modded PC like this isn’t built overnight. After meticulously draining and disassembling the original mess. The Lian Li 011-D Case had to be stripped of its original paint with sandblasting to ensure perfect adhesion for our color-matched Mandalorian Green automotive paint. Once the metal base was revealed and our new color applied, artful distressing was added to match the ancient and battle torn Fett armor. Additional details such as Mandalorian Text and accent colors were applied for a truly unique and eye-catching design.


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