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Best God of War mods


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Fimbulwinter has come. Snow will fall and Gods along with it. Ragnarok is almost upon us. But before Kratos and Atreus go toe-to-toe with the lords and ladies of Asgard, it’s time to revisit the start of their Norse adventure. Those who have waited patiently for the PC release will need little encouragement to dive right into the latest God of War – it’s currently at the top of the Steam best seller list in fact – but for those that have already experienced this GOTY winner for themselves, is there anything to be gained in revisiting the story a second time?

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Mod of War

Why, Mods of course! Though God of War is a labour of love from a developer at the height of their powers, it’s always worthwhile to see what new facets of a game can be uncovered by passionate and creative fans. And to anyone that would feel a pang of guilt for tinkering with such a finely-tuned experience, Sony Santa Monica’s creative director Cory Barlog and senior manager of technical production Matt DeWald mentioned in an interview with Game Informer that they are in favour of players creating and using mods. So feel free to mod away, with the developer’s blessing.

Below are the best God of War mods released so far, though it might be best to make sure that your PC can run God of War, before you go tinkering with the finer details of Kratos’ adventure. 

God of War Modded Starter Save

By the time God of War opens, Kratos has been living the quiet life, doing his best to raise a child. While this provides a wonderful narrative reset for the franchise, it does lead to Kratos feeling a little rusty in combat, due to his years away from Olympus and the battlefield. For veterans of the franchise that wonder what the game would be like if it began with Kratos still in his prime, the Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save by enzonahuy allows you to start out with the Ghost of Sparta at his god-butchering best.

God of War Regrade 

God of War is already a visual feast, and the idea of such an amazing experience being pushed even further with the capabilities of current PCs is a tantalising concept. Thankfully, you can always count on modders to push a game’s visuals to the limit. The GOW Regrade mod credited to RIMBUSTA WONKA has done impressive work with the game’s colours and shadows, bringing a fresh coat of paint to visual aspects that were perhaps beginning to fade a little. 

God of War FOV Mod 

God of War is an intentionally cinematic experience, with its ‘one-shot’ camerawork being amongst the game’s most lauded features. So why not play with the camera a little more, and get an even better view of Kratos beating The Stranger bloody? Provided by user KingKrouchy on Reddit, this is a thoroughly ambitious mod for so soon after release, which may well explain why there are still a few glitches that need ironing out, though they seem mostly limited to cinematic and scripted scenes. 

To Ragnarok and Beyond

Though they have only been able to access it for a few days; the modding community is already making great strides in customising and improving the God of War experience. And it isn’t without precedent. There is something about Nordic fantasy landscapes that can make a modder’s imagination run wild. Maybe a few years down the line, Kratos will be giving the Dovahkiin a run for their money, grappling with Thomas the Tank Engine or Randy Savage.  In fact, Bethesda could be pulling off their master plan in plain sigh. And God Of War Ragnarok will turn out to be a Skyrim remaster in disguise.

Or maybe we’ll just get to sample the forbidden delights of Beardless Kratos.


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