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‘An Egg-cellent idea’ Gargwa Egg Guide – Monster Hunter Rise


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The Smithies want to put my egg-hammer idea into motion. Will you get the egg for me?

All throughout Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll get the opportunity to take on side-quests, like any big RPG. As a reward for completing them, you can get various items, upgrades or – in this case – design blueprints! ‘An Egg-cellent idea‘ is a Request in Monster Hunter Rise, one that involves you collecting and obtaining two Gargwa Eggs and delivering them. But how can you get a Gargwa Egg? You might have struggled a bit, facing multiple Gargwa but none ever seeming to drop any, well don’t worry. We’ll walk you through where to find the Gargwa and how to get their eggs.

So you’ve accepted the Request from High Rank Hunter Ayame, you now need to collect two Gargwa Eggs. But be wary, the Gargwa Egg is a Delivery Item, so you’ll need to transport it back to the Main Camp. Whilst you’re carrying a delivery item, you will be vulnerable to attacks and your speed reduced. You can still spring, dodge and use your WirebugDashes but watch your stamina, as it’ll drain a lot faster. If you get hit whilst carrying a delivery item, you’ll drop it and break it, thus ruining the progress you made. You’ll need to go and get a new one. Also, if you fall from a greta height, this will also cause you to drop the egg, and breaking it.

Clearly, you can understand why these kinds of quests and requests are so tedious and frustrating. But if you’re up for the task, you’ll be rewarded with the Egg Hammer I Design Blueprint which unlocks the weapon for crafting at the Smithy.

Gargwa Hammer | Monster Hunter Rise Wiki

Gargwa Locations

You can find Gargwa in sectors 6 and 13 of the Shrine Ruins. But during the Gargwa Outbreaks, you can also find them in sectors 1, 2, 7 and 12.

Monster Hunter Rise - Gargwa Egg Delivery Route
Thanks to Game8 for this map

But be wary, if any Large Monsters pass by a Gargwa, they will panic and run away from the area. So make sure you’re not followed!

Above, in the map, is the best route to follow with the Egg. You’ll see that the jump involve you jumping from a waterfall, you might be apprehensive considering jumping from high height can break your item. This is trye, however if you use your Wirebug, you can cushion your fall, avoiding the fall stagger and not breaking the egg!

How to get the Gargwa Egg

You’ve found your target, a random Gargwa minding its own business. Well, in order to get an egg from it, you’ll need to surprise attack it. You don’t need to kill the Gargwa to get its egg, in fact you can simply use a Throwing Kunai when its docile, this surprise attack should cause it to lay an egg. If you sneak behind one, you’ll have a better chance at causing it to drop an egg. You can only carry one egg at a time, so you’ll need to repeat this process once more to complete the task.

Although tedious, this task isn’t impossible or too challenging. It’s just frustrating to get from point A to B. Either way, hopefully this guide helped you out, if not, let us know in the comments and we’ll fix it!


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