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Abstract Initiative Release Date, Trailer


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Abstract Initiative is a pretty decent-looking first-person puzzle platformer with an emphasis on movement-based puzzles. The game was initially slated for a March release, but since then the game has been a little delayed.

abstract initiative screenshot

Delayed are always disappointing, especially when they’re this big, but if you’ve been waiting for the game to come out then at least we can actually inform you exactly when it’ll be happening now.

Abstract Initiative Release Date

If you think the delay from March to October was big, wait until you hear when the game was first announced. Abstract Initiative was an IndieDB game as far back as 2016, and after a little while was set to be released for PC back in Q1 of 2018.

As you can probably tell, that never ended up happening. Now the release date has been changed to October 31st, 2022, and with any luck, it’ll actually get its day in the spotlight this time.

Abstract Initiative Trailer

So far, an up-to-date trailer for the game has never been released, though we do have some footage to go on. Back in 2018 when the game seemed like it would be released that year, the developers released a gameplay trailer that showed off what the title was like.

You can check out the trailer below. It seems like an interesting concept, with puzzles focused on movement and a gravity-gun-esque tools at your disposal. There’s also something of a unique aesthetic to the game as well, with the levels lined by bright neon lights in varying colors.

Since the only footage we have is from 2018, there’s a fair chance that the game has changed a fair bit in the past 5 years. Either way, we should find out exactly what the game looks like once it finally drops this October.


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