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6 Ways to Make Your Computer Faster


Is your PC running slow? You might be overwhelming your RAM with too many programs running at once. It’s time for a quick clean-up and overhaul of your PC. It doesn’t mean you need to buy new parts or invest money. You can do plenty of things right from your desk to make your computer faster.

In this article, PC Geeks provides the ultimate guide to making your computer faster. These tips are quick and easy, so you never need to spend thousands of dollars on your build again unless you want to. 

6 Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

6 Ways to Make Your PC Run Faster 

Computers run slow for many reasons, like leaving too many windows open or forgetting to install the latest update. Fortunately, you can fix slow computer issues. Use these PC Geeks recommendations to make your computer run faster.

Shut down your computer

When you finish using your computer, shut it down. This means fully turning the computer off, not putting it to sleep, or closing your laptop screen. Shutting down your computer ensures that it gets a complete restart of all programs and processes. 

Your computer will terminate programs during the restart process and initiate a restart at the next start-up. Shutting down your computer gives it time to cool down, which is important for not having good cooling systems.

Upgrade your RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) allows your computer to perform multiple functions simultaneously. When a person’s computer runs slowly, it has “run out” of RAM. To increase your computer’s speed, upgrade the RAM.

Uninstall unnecessary programs

You should uninstall unnecessary programs to prevent excessive RAM usage. When you have too many programs on your computer, it may start running slow. Evaluate the programs, tools, and games on your computer, then uninstall ones that you do not find yourself using regularly.

Delete temporary files

Delete any unneeded temporary files to help your computer run faster. Unlike programs, temporary files are files like images, documents, and other files on your computer. These take up hefty space and can weigh down your PC’s loading speed. To make your PC run faster, delete photographs and documents.

Be careful which files you delete. After fully deleting these files and clearing them from your computer, you cannot recover temporary files.

Disable auto-start applications

Disable applications that open on start-up to speed along the starting process and minimize the amount of RAM your computer uses during start-up. Disable anything that is not beneficial to your computer start-up process. Disabling the number of applications will limit your computer’s work on start-up.

Close your tabs

Closing unneeded tabs on your internet browser will make your computer run faster. It will also make your search engine run faster. If you still have hundreds of tabs open at once, you use more RAM, which will make your computer run slower. Furthermore, it can get confusing and take longer to navigate your computer. Overall, the experience will be disappointing and annoying, so close your browser tabs to increase your PC’s speed.


Before buying a new computer, try PC Geeks’ recommendations to make your PC run faster. These tips to make your computer faster can be the difference between spending thousands on upgrades and a few minutes waiting for an update. 

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