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Yugioh TCG Banlist January 2022


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The new Yugioh TCG banlist is here. The Forbidden, the Limited, the Semi-limted, and Unlimited. Check out our prediction here and see how right or wrong we got it.

The Forbidden

On the first banlist of 2022, you cannot play any of these cards.

Protos. Firstly we will accept that while I think it isn’t ban-worthy, it is very annoying. Good ban, very cool.

Eva. This needed to happen, it makes Dryton so good and they couldn’t ban Herlad of Ultimateness. Megalith Dryton looks like a good direction for the deck to go.

Simorgh needed to go. Infinite negates are not healthy for any game. Flunder still plays barrier statue so this hit makes sense.

Imperial order is finally banned. Gone until it gets another errata. Everyone wanted this and everyone predicted it. The best ban in 5 years.


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The Limited

Any card at this section of the banlist is allowed to be played at 1 copy per deck

The newly limited

Recital Starling has been limited. “Bird up” can still make Utopic Future Dragon but they can’t get that additional search on their way to making it. Not a needed hit to “Bird up” but Lyralusc Tribrigade is still playable.

Didn’t see Monster gate getting banned. There is a very consistent FTK including Machina Ruin force and Outstanding Dog Mary that uses Monter gate. A bit odd but understandable.

Pot of Desires? Don’t think too many decks were running this and being a problem. A ban to encourage players to buy the other two good pot cards.

The unbanned

Now, this is a banlist.

Destrudo, the instant 7 start synchro monster is back. This is maybe stealth Sword Soul Tenyi and Dragon link support. Use destrudo to make Yazi Evil of the Yang Zing, summon mare mare and make a link 4. Excited to see how this affects the current metagame.

Astrograph Sorcerer is limited from banned. So this means we will never get Electrumite back. Pendulum support I guess.

Fairy Tail – Snow was a crazy card back when it first came out but now I can see it coming back. As a one of its not that scary and only a few decks really end up using it. Specifically Gran Maju Otk.

Luna Light Tiger is at 1. I don’t see this being too crazy but we might end up seeing Tri-brigade Lunalight making some prominence at this point.

Overall some strange un-bans, it will be interesting see what will happen in upcoming tournaments.


Twitter: @YuGiOhCardEU

The Semi Limited

Any card here on the banlist limits you to two copies of a card.

Newly Semied

Fusion Destiny is at 2, and with Verte still running around does this really matter? A very confusing choice.

Nadir Servant going to 2. Here it is, a slight consistency hit to Shaddol Invoked Dogmatika. A reasonable semi limit.

From Limited to Semi limited

A Hero Lives and Salamangreat Circle are great consistency boosts to this fan-favorite decks. Maybe now HERO will be meta.

Scapegoat at 2 could be interesting. It is a 1 card link 4 and could see some play if it comes back to 3. Buy your Shuraig copies now.


Twitter: @YuGiOhCardEU

The Truly Unlimited

Danger Nessie could have come back a while ago. Danger!? is cool but was only really good in the OTK Dark world deck from when Firewall Dragon was the most broken card in the game.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is rightfully at 3. There was no reason to keep it at 1 after the Eratta and I doubt it will see play at more than one.

More pendulum in Performapal Skullrobat Joker. Very cool for the PePe fans. Really this could have happened last year.

Emergency Teleport at 3. Without True King of all Calamities, I doubt Virtual World will be tier 1. It will be much more consistent however and Myutant now gets 3 starters so that’s good for me.

Raigeki at 3 is great for budget players. Having Lightning storm at 3 and Rageki at 1 was very funny since they just do the same thing.

That’s everything nothing else was unbanned on this banlist haha, goodbye everyone.


Twitter: @YuGiOhCardEU

Why would they do this

Skill Drain is at 3 from 1. If you thought Imperial Order was annoying wait until Eldlich plays triple skill drain. This banlist was so good right up until this point. I can see it is very annoying and probably getting limited again in the next few lists.

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Whilst that’s it for this, we’ve been covering a fair bit of Master Duel content, you can find it all here:


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