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Yugioh Master Duel – Meta Deck Guide – Eldlich

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The Yugioh Master Duel meta is a diverse one currently. For those who want to get to the top ranks of competitive play with no experience, it can be difficult. Well don’t worry, these guides will take you through Master Duels best decks, their goals, combos, and what you should be seeing at the end of your turns.

The type of card in a deck will be broken down into a few categories:

Searcher – This card lets you search your deck for another card

Extender – This card will special summon itself or another card

Starter – A card that will begin your combo

Interrupter – A card that allows for interaction on your opponent’s turn, be this negate, destroy, or return a card to the hand.

Finisher – A card intended to finish up games by attacking


Master duel is a unique format in a few ways, the best of one being the most impactful one. In the TCG you would normally use a side deck between games to change your deck. This allows you to react to your opponent’s deck. Not in Master duel. You need to build the best deck and know that it’s going to be able to put up with your opponents’ meta decks. This is why control decks are topping the meta right now, they already have those outs to your opponent’s best cards built-in.

Eldlich is one of those decks that has all of the answers and it’s one of the best at it. A trap-focused deck that has a single main deck monster, this golden zombie allows you to control your opponent’s field and graveyard. Each S/T card you banish to get another set from your deck. This is a powerful resource loop that means Eldlich doesn’t run out of cards.

The deck itself is broken down into 3 sub archetypes.

The Golden Lord

The only monster you run in the deck is a main deck level 10 and an extra deck monster that most people don’t run. You need Eldlich the Golden Lord to resolve the effects of the trap cards. Getting him on the field as soon as possible is key to making sure this deck runs as intended.

The Golden Lands

These trap cards are monsters. Yes, there are technically monsters in this deck. But they are continuous traps. It’s important to remember that these cards are still trap cards even while they are in the monster zones. This means they can be destroyed by cards that would destroy a trap such as MST. Each one has an effect that only activates with the Eldlich is on the field and can be banished in the end phase to set an Eldlixer spell or trap to your deck.

The Eldlixers

The third sub-archetype is a series of cards designed to summon the Eldlich from the deck or to summon other Zombie monsters. This allows for some other big Zombie bosses to be added in. You must have the Eldlich on the field for you to be able to summon cards that aren’t Eldlich the Golden Lord.

The Deck

Eldlich cards

Main deck

Eldlich the Golden lord (Starter)

A three of in any pure Eldlich deck. This man can destroy a card on the field, at the cost of discarding himself and a S/T from your hand. With this, you can destroy an opponent’s card or one of your spell traps to use their grave effects. In the grave you can send a S/T from your field to the grave to add this card to your hand. Then special summon any zombie in your hand. Showing again that this deck can run as a supplement to other Zombie cards you may want to play. That summon monster gains 1000 ATK/DEF because I guess this card wasn’t good enough.


Cursed Eldland (Starter)

31434645 1
SR 1

While this isn’t an Eldlich card there isn’t a place in this list to put Cursed Eldland. It can search any Eldlich monster. Or a Golden Land S/T. If this card is sent to the grave from the field you can send another Eldlich monster or Golden Land S/T. You could wait for your opponent to give you that or you can use the effect of The Golden Lord in the grave to do it yourself.

Eldlich the Mad Golden Lord (Finisher)

EldlichtheMadGoldenLord MGED EN R 1E
What is he so upset about?
UR 1

Most decks don’t run this card. Tribute one of your zombies, usually your golden land monsters, to take control of opponents’ monsters.

Fun thematically as you give up your subjects to capture an opponent. But also great to remove a powerful boss monster your opponent has. He also cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect. The Mad Golden Lord is also Eldlich the Golden Lord while on the field so all of your other effects will still activate.

Golden Land cards

Trap Monsters

Conquistador of the Golden Land (Interrupter)

Guardian of the Golden Land (Interrupter)

Huaquero of the Golden Land (Interrupter)

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