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Yugioh Master Duel: Konami gifts players 1000 free gems


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Yugioh Master Duel has seen Konami’s long-running trading card game explode in popularity. The game has quickly racked up an impressive number of downloads in the scant time since its release. The game has hit so many downloads in fact, that it has cleared a milestone set by Konami. Master Duel has been downloaded 10 million times across all platforms. And half of those downloads were in the last week alone, following the game’s heavily anticipated mobile release. In celebration of this, players that log into the game between now and March 31st will receive 1000 free Gems.

How to acquire 1000 free gems

Thankfully, there are no need for players to jump through additional hoops to claim this prize. In fact, doing so couldn’t be simpler! Simply click the ‘missions’ tab from the main menu and “Log in (one account per day) (1/1)” will appear in limited-time missions. Click the highlighted gems to receive your prize.

master duel 1000 free gems

What are Gems in Yugioh Master Duel?

Gems are Master Duel’s premium currency. The allow the player to purchase cosmetics such as card sleeves and mates. But more importantly, they are also used to purchases card packs. Other than using crafting resources to make specific cards, this is the only way that players can build and grow their decks. This makes acquiring gems extremely important.

But – unlike some free to play games – shelling out real money is not the only way to acquire gems. Master Duel offers a wealth of gem-gaining options for players, from beating parts of the game’s solo mode, to completing daily and lifetime challenges. It is entirely possible to get a few decks off the ground without ever reaching for your credit card. It is this low barrier of entry that has contributed hugely to Master Duel’s success. Whether a new player or a duelling veteran, anyone can give the decks that appeal to them a try,

And if you are willing to chip in a little extra, in the first two months of the game’s release, Master Duel offers expanded Gem packs for less than normal cost. Though it is important to note that these can only be purchase a limited number of times per account.

A Brilliant Fusion of past and present

With this much interest, Yugioh Master Duel is poised to take the franchise to new heights. Without relying on goodwill from the anime, Master Duel has brought Yugioh to millions of new fans worldwide. Hopefully Konami will take note of this and continue such generous promotions in future. If the Gems keep rolling in, the fans are sure to follow!

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